Rochester Community and Technical College

Historical Timeline

  • Rochester Public Schools Junior College Bulletin from 1920-21.

  • The first men's basketball team was formed in 1921.

  • 1923 Faculty.

  • W. G Bolcolm was the College's leader from 1915-1916.

  • The Booster Cup Award was established in 1923 to give to students who are the school's best booster. The first recipient is Franklin Briese. In the early 1960s, it became known as the Charles Singley Booster cup.

  • Charles Singley, chemistry instructor and coach, joined the college staff in 1924.

  • 1915 article in the Rochester Daily Bulletin about community meetings on University work.

  • 1915 article about enrollment - 19 students were needed and 11 had already enrolled.

  • 1921 article on the play staged by the college.

  • Another article on the start of the college in 1915.

  • The school colors of blue and gold were established in 1920.

  • The College will open Sept. 13, 1915 with nearly 20 students.

  • J.B. Mack was the College's leader from 1916-1920.

  • Guy Vande Bogart lead the college from 1920-1925.