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"The post-war years were golden with the college solidifying its place in higher education and seeing a boom in enrollment.  Between 1944 and 1954 enrollment went from 99 to 236 with a high of 340 in 1948."

Between 1944 and 1954 enrollment went from 99 to 236 with a high of 340 in 1948.


Between 1945-54 there was tremendous growth in new courses including: the Business Machines terminal course in 1945, Secretarial Finishing course in 1946, Opthamalic course in 1946 and Medical Technician in 1948.  Additionally, business training courses are offered.  These courses combine intensive vocational training in business and theoretical subjects.  Pre-nursing and pre-engineering courses began 1953.




In September 1949 the change from semesters to a quarter system follows the system used by the University of Minnesota.



The College creates its first coordinated counseling and faculty advisory system in 1948.

This era marked the addition of significant contributors, including Joseph (Rocky) Rockenbach and Karl Dubbert in the1945-46 academic year and Mary Goette and Walter Bateman hired in 1947.  

Emil Heintz

Joe Rockenbach


Karl Dubbert


Walter Bateman


Mary Goette


In 1950 Roy Goddard celebrated his 25th year at RJC. Goddard stepped down as RJC’s director 3 years later after 28 years of service and lead it through time. 

1953 dawned the era of Charles Hill who came to RJC in the fall of 1953 as the college’s fifth leader.  Hill would serve the college for 29 years leading through its greatest growth years.

The College is featured in an article on Rochester in Newsweek in 1950.




St. Paul Pioneer Press publishes a story featuring RJC’s Evening College.

RJC football was dropped after 31 years minus the war years in 1953.  From 1922 to 1952 the team's combined record was 59-74-8. 

By the end of the 1953-54 academic year the College now was playing new sports including golf and track. Track had previously been a sport in the mid-twenties and was organized by Charles Singley.


Homecoming celebrations, spring banquets, proms thrill students during this period.

RJC’s 1947 homecoming queen was Mary Jo Gerlicher Pappas.

The yearbook was renamed RA-JU-CO in 1947.


The college held its 35th anniversary in 1950. 

 The first Alumni Association was created in 1951 and led by Lester Stiles, a 1929 graduate.   

  Theatrical productions during the period included The Emperor Dons His Sunday Best, Ten Little Indians and Double Door

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