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Assessment of Student Learning

Welcome to RCTC's Assessment of Student Learning page. In the fall 2016 semester, RCTC started an ambitious Institutional Assessment Plan (IAP), a three-year commitment to embed student learning assessment as part of RCTC’s culture. There are three parts to the IAP.

Faculty will collaborate to assess student learning outcomes (SLOs) in their classrooms as part of the “Closing the Loop” action project. They will also assess SLOs at the shared-course level. Finally, they will develop discipline/program learning outcomes and begin mapping their curriculum.

Student affairs staff will develop SLOs to measure student learning in their work areas. They will also use those SLOs to assess their work areas as part of the “Closing the Loop” action project.

Finally, all faculty and college staff will use RCTC’s college core learning outcomes (CLOs) to assess student learning throughout the college.

RCTC was accepted into The Higher Learning Commission’s Assessment Academy in the summer of 2016. The Academy is a multi-year commitment as well. As an Academy member, RCTC will share its IAP progress with others, get guidance, and continuously improve its IAP processes. As a result, over the next few years RCTC will continue to develop the IAP with sustained resources, time, and training for faculty and staff.

2017-2018: Year Two of RCTC's Institutional Assessment Plan

At the start of the academic year, assessment goals and priorities, as determined by the second year of our Institutional Assessment Plan, were explained as part of the faculty development day and as part of the Fall Convocation. As part of the presentations, a draft of the the new Essential Learning Outcomes (ELO) draft framework was also introduced. This framework, to be finalized during the fall 2017 semester, will allow RCTC to assess student learning across the campus, inside and outside the classroom. Assessment professional development, for faculty and staff, is also part of the plan

AQIP Action Project Reviews

RCTC is a member of the AQIP branch of the Higher Learning Commission. As part of our accreditation requirements, we have to do action projects about assessment. These projects are regularly reviewed by The Higher Learning Commission. In March, 2017, we received strong reviews for our Closing the Loop action project and our Strategic Enrollment Management action project. You can read the full reviews below.

Overview of assessment at RCTC

For a brief overview that explains how assessment, action, strategic plan alignment, and accreditation all fit together, click on the image below.

RCTC’s college-wide assessment processes

College Core Outcomes

The following links provide information on RCTC's Core Outcomes, the skills we develop in all of our students, inside and outside the classroom.

Faculty Resources

Assessment of Student Learning (ASL) Committee Meeting Minutes

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