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Credit for Prior Learning Assessment

Portfolio Development Workshop

As you explore prior learning options, you may want to attend a portfolio development workshop in order to see if you have experiences that you might earn college credit for. If you have questions, feel free to contact me at tara.hammill@rctc.edu or 507-529-6128. Here is some information that might help you decide whether or not to attend a portfolio workshop.

What type of students should come to the workshop?

  • Students who have watched the Credit for Prior Learning Informational Video Credit for Prior Learning Informational Session Video
  • Students with lot of expertise in one area that they would like to get some credits for.
  • Students who have had a major life-changing event, such as having or adopting a child, doing foster care, recovering from a major illness, being a veteran or veteran family member, taking care of an aging parent, recovering from addiction, etc.
  • Students who are specifically focused on justifying their prior learning for one or two specific courses and want to make that justification as good as possible.
  • Students with a lot of varied experiences who just want to engage in the process and see what happens.

What is the focus of the workshop?

The workshop is focused on learning how to develop a prior learning portfolio in order to earn college credits from RCTC.

What should students bring to the workshop?

  1. Resume
  2. List of prior learning experiences
  3. List of learning artifacts. These are things that prove you have learned outside the classroom, such as certificates, blueprints, musical programs with your name listed, workplace training programs, etc.
  4. Education goals

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What is Credit for Prior Learning?

Prior Learning is the learning that you have from life and work experiences. The College now has processes to help you identify and document this learning, and to grant you college credits for your efforts. Prior learning can shorten the time it takes you to earn your certificate, diploma or degree, and can significantly reduce the cost. RCTC Credit for Prior Learning Policy

Learn more about RCTC's Credit for Prior Learning options by watching the Credit for Prior Learning Informational Video.

Who can Benefit?

Many different kinds of students can benefit from assessment of prior learning: adults who have many years in a job or profession, students who have stepped out for a few semesters, transfer students, veterans and graduating high school students.

What are your options?

There are many ways that you can earn credits for what you have done prior to enrolling in college. These include:

1. CLEP (College-Level Examination Program)
2. AP (Advanced Placement)
3. DSST/DANTES (military training)
4. Tech Prep
5. Portfolio Development
6. Locally developed evaluations in programs and departments
7. and more…

Contact one of us to learn more about the pathways for you to earn credit for prior learning.

deb.ellsworth@rctc.edu or 507.285.7292

deb.vang@rctc.edu or 507.529.2786

tara.hammill@rctc.edu or 507-529-6128



Last Updated: November 6, 2014

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