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Kristin Buck
            Office: MH442
            Phone: 507-535-2461
            Email: kristin.buck@rctc.edu

Patrick Costello
            Office: MH339
            Phone: 507-529-2794
            Email: patrick.costello@rctc.edu

Bonnie Flaig Prinsen
            Office: MH329
            Phone: 507-285-7508
            Email: bonnie.flaigprinsen@rctc.edu

Bret Fuller
            Office: MH436
            Phone: 507-536-5629
            Email: bret.fuller@rctc.edu

Beth Heim de Bera
            Office: MH342
            Phone: 507-285-7546
            Email: beth.heimdebera@rctc.edu

Doreen Johnson
            Office: MH325
            Phone: 507-280-2810
            Email: doreen.johnson@rctc.edu

Steve Juenemann
            Office: MH447
            Phone: 507-536-5679
            Email: steve.juenemann@rctc.edu

Jeff Lepper
            Office: MH336
            Phone: 507-536-5628
            Email: jeff.lepper@rctc.edu

James “Scannel” McCormick
            Office: MH331
            Phone: 507-285-7506
            Email: james.mccormick@rctc.edu

Jason Meier
            Office: MH328
            Phone: 507-280-2812
            Email: jason.meier@rctc.edu

Mike Mutschelknaus
            Office: MH337
            Phone: 507-280-3510
            Email: mike.mutschelknaus@rctc.edu

Bonnie Robinson
            Office: MH434
            Phone: 507-280-2924
            Email: bonnie.robinson@rctc.edu

Rashmi Roy
            Office: MH335
            Phone: 507-280-3144
            Email: rashmi.roy@rctc.edu

Robert Sanborn
            Office: MH440
            Phone: 507-529-6135
            Email: robert.sanborn@rctc.edu

Mark Schnaedter
            Office: MH449
            Phone: 507-536-5609
            Email: mark.schnaedter@rctc.edu

Sheryl Scholer
            Office: MH330
            Phone: 507-285-7244
            Email: sheryl.scholer@rctc.edu

Fan Shen
            Office: MH438
            Phone: 507-285-7518
            Email: fan.shen@rctc.edu

John Sievers
            Office: MH333
            Phone: 507-285-7520
            Email: john.sievers@rctc.edu

Nikka Vrieze
            Office: MH433
            Phone: 507-280-5507
            Email: nikka.vrieze@rctc.edu

Pam Whitfield
            Office: MH332
            Phone: 507-285-7573
            Email: pam.whitfield@rctc.edu


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