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Accessing Class Lists and Entering Grades

To access your class lists on the web, follow Step 2 below and choose View after selecting Class List/Grade Entry for the appropriate Year-Term.


STEP 1: REVIEW THE GENERAL INFORMATION "ABOUT THE GRADES ". It is imperative that you use only approved and appropriate grading symbols for each course.


  • Each student must be assigned a grade.
  • Most courses have only A-F grading. Other grading symbols are not available unless they have been approved by Curriculum specifically for that course. An inappropriate grading symbol will generate an error listing and will have to be changed to an approved grade.
  • RCTC does not use grade shading so do not enter pluses or minuses in the Grade Shade column.
  • In courses that have both A-F and P/F grading options, students must have submitted a request for P/F grading to the instructor and the Admissions and Records Office by the 5th day of the term in order to be assigned a grade of “P.” (Achievement must be at “C” level or better in order to receive a “P”). Grading options for each student are displayed in the Class Roster window. (Access by clicking "View" in the Roster column.) The student must be graded using the method listed. Any discrepancies or questions should be directed to Rachelle at 285-7234.
  • A grade of “NC” may be assigned only in courses that have been approved through Curriculum for P/NC grading.
  • Grades of "W" and "AU" will be pre-printed and cannot be assigned at the end of the term.
  • An incomplete ("I") may be assigned only if the appropriate form is completed and submitted to the Admissions and Records Office. Any Incomplete assigned without an accompanying request form will be changed to an “F”. Incomplete must be reported for a grade to the Admissions and Records Office by the end of Fall Semester.


    SEE ALSO: the Accessing Class Lists and Entering Grades - Pictorial... a graphical presentation that illustrates the following information.

  1. From the RCTC home page (www.roch.edu), click on Rochester Community and Technical College, then choose Faculty and Staff from the list on the following screen. Select Grades & Class Lists to go directly to the sign-in screen, log-in by entering your Stinger ID and PIN number (follow the log-in instructions on the screen). If you don't know your Stinger number, click on the look-up ID link. If you haven't previously entered the registration system and changed your PIN number, your PIN number will be your date of birth in YYMMDD format - otherwise your PIN number will be the 6-digit number you assigned yourself when you first accessed the system (or last changed it).
    (If you have never accessed the system before, you will need to change your PIN number next. The following screen will prompt you.)
  2. When you get to the Welcome screen, review the information beside the bullets. Your last successful log-in should reflect a date and time you know you accessed the system; if not, you should change your password immediately as this may indicate a security breach. If the year/term listed is the term you wish to access, skip to the next step. If not, click on Select Year/Term from the menu on the left, then choose the term you want from the drop-down box in the middle of the screen and click Select. The screen should say ""The selected year/term was successfully changed."
  3. Choose Class List/Grade Entry from the menu options on the left. The courses that have your name listed as the instructor will display.
  4. Click on the Enter Grades link to display the Grade Data Entry window, where you can enter grades for the students in your courses. Simply enter a letter grade for each student and then either tab twice to the next student or click in the grade box for the next student. Do not enter anything in the grade shade column; leave it set to the default "not applicable."

    The message "There are more than 50 students in this course. You must repeat the grade entry process upon completion of this entry form" displays when there are more than fifty students enrolled in a course. Once grades have been entered for the first fifty students, click on the Process button and complete the rest of the grade entry procedure. When the whole procedure is complete, start the process over for this course to enter grades for the remaining fifty students, or the next fifty.

  5. Click on the Process button when grade input for each student is complete. Below the grade entry roster are two buttons: Process and Reset. The Reset button will clear all entries in the Grade column.
  6. After clicking on the Process button, the Confirm Your Request and Verify PIN window displays. At this point, verify all grades entered are correct. When complete, enter your PIN number and click on the Process Request button. The grades will then be stored in the SCANNED_GRADES table. Clicking on the Cancel button returns you to the List of Classes window. NOTE: No grades are stored when you select the Cancel button.

    NOTE: Grades are stored in the SCANNED_GRADES table. Students cannot view their grades until they are stored in the ST_COU table. This happens when the Update Scanned Grades to ST_COU report is run in ISRS after the web grade entry window closes.

  7. Grade Results: After verifying the grades entered, entering your PIN number and clicking on the Process Request button, the Grade Results window displays. This window displays all students in the course for which you just entered grades and all grades that have been entered, including grades of "W" which have been previously entered.

    The message "Your grade entry was saved successfully." displays above the list of students. PLEASE BE SURE YOU RECEIVE THIS MESSAGE!

  8. IMPORTANT: When you have finished entering grades and are ready to exit, click on the Logout link.

Step 3: Complete the Grade Sheet Discrepancy Form. Please list any student who has completed your class for a grade whose name does not appear on the grade report form. Also, please identify any student who is listed but has never attended your class. A student who has not attended, and has not officially withdrawn, must still be assigned a grade (usually an “F”).

Step 4: Return the Discrepancy Form (please be sure to sign and date) and Incomplete Forms (if applicable) to the Admissions and Records Office, Box 7.


  • You may enter grades only once per term via the web. Once you have completed the process, you must come to the Admissions and Records Office to submit any changes or corrections.
  • Remember to log out when you are finished or interrupted. (Please reference the document "Web Security Issues" for additional security points to be cognizant of).


  • Can't get logged in - contact Admissions and Records (285-7268).
  • General process issues or questions - contact Admissions and Records.
  • Taught a course that is not listed on the "List of Classes" screen (or a course appears there that you did not teach) - contact Academic Affairs Office.
  • Approved grading methods for specific courses, questions or issues - contact Academic Affairs Office.
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