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Key Requests:
Keys for rooms in all UCR buildings may be obtained from Wanda Mettes in the RCTC Business Office. A key request form, with designated signature authorization must be completed to issue keys. Please bring the key form to the RCTC Business Office or direct it to Box #9. Door keys must be picked up - they WILL NOT be sent through internal mail. Desk, file and cupboard keys can also be requested in the Business Office using the key request form.

Exterior doors are unlocked with a key card after normal business hours. Photo ID's are issued by Library Staff in the Goddard Library for faculty and staff. A key request form must be submitted to the Business Office with the signature approval from your area Dean or Department Head authorizing the key card be issued. The key card is programmed by maintenance staff. Instructions for using the door code will be given when the card is issued.




Last Updated: October 7, 2014

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