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Travel and Vehicle Reservations

Deb Cannon - Travel Reimbursement
Phone: 507- 280- 2969

Vehicle Reservations - e mail VehicleReservation@rctc.edu

June Meitzner- Vehicle Leasing
Phone: 507-285-7213

Fax: (507) 285-7241



Vehicle Reservation

  • Vehicles available for reservations:
  • 2016  Dodge Grand Caravan (Gray)

  • 2014 Ford Fusion (Hybrid - Silver)

  • 2014 Ford Fusion (Hybrid- Blue)

  • 2015 Chevy Equinox

  • 2016 Dodge Caravan (Blue)

  • Prior to the initial reservation, review the Vehicle Use Policy and Forms folder.  You will find the Vehicle Use Agreement and Consent to Obtain Driving Record(s) forms for Faculty/Staff and Students in the Policy and Forms folder. The Vehicle Use Agreement must be completed, authorized with the signature from the department Dean/Coordinator or Supervisor as well as your own signature. This form is submitted to the Business Office for a driving record check to be completed. The driving record and approval to drive a state vehicle comes from MN State Risk Management.  An acceptable status to drive needs to be in place prior to a vehicle being issued for a scheduled reservation.  These VUAs are kept on file for future travel requests.
  • Students driving state vehicles must be 18 years of age with at least two years driving experience.  Only state employees or work study students, paid by the state, are eligible to drive a leased vehicle through Enterprise. Workstudy students diving 10 -12 passenger vans must be 21 years of age.
  • Before returning a vehicle to campus designated parking, please:

    • Fill the vehicle with gas - if driving more than 40 miles. There is a brochure located in the vehicle clipboard which lists the stations that accept the Voyager Services fuel card.  A gas receipt must be obtained for each transaction.  When prompted by the fuel card reader, enter the Driver ID or PIN #. This number can be found on a small yellow or orange card in the pocket attached to the vehicle key.  You will have three attempts with the PIN # before the card account is blocked.  If you have problems with the card reader, call the Voyager (800) number on the back of the fuel card before your third attempt with the PIN #.

    • Clean out all trash from the vehicle – If the inside and/or outside of the vehicle is very dirty, please take it to Mister Car to be cleaned if it is still during their business hours. The car wash can be put on the RCTC account. Wipe up any beverage or food spills which will create a stain or become sticky.

    • Sign all receipts (fuel and car wash) with your name and the vehicle make and model

    • Make a note and report any mechanical problems

  • To report any accident that occurs, call Rob Wittenberg (business hours - 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM). After you have done what you can on-site, complete the Minnesota Motor Vehicle Accident Report. It can be found in the glove compartment, the vehicle clipboard.
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