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AQIP/HLC Accreditation


RCTC Accreditation

RCTC’s accreditation with the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) is current through April of 2017. RCTC follows HLC’s Academic Quality Improvement Program (AQIP) in order to maintain its accreditation status. 

AQIP Pathway

RCTC uses the following AQIP tasks to engage in continuous quality improvement over a cyclical eight-year period.

Strategy Forums (years 1 and 4)

Strategy forums are three-day intensive workshops designed to help institutions select the best AQIP Action Projects. Typically, strategy forums occur every four years.

  • 2007: RCTC faculty and staff attended their first strategy forum.
  • 2010-2012: In lieu of strategy forums from 2010 to 2012, RCTC participated in the AQIP/Malcolm Baldridge pilot pathway.
  • 2016: RCTC faculty and staff will attend another strategy forum in February of 2016.

Action Projects (yearly)

Action projects are major college initiatives designed to continuously improve the quality of programs, services, and education. RCTC is required to inform HLC about the status of its action projects three times a year so that HLC can offer appropriate feedback. RCT last updated its action projects with the HLC in December 2015. RCTC has three current action projects.

  • Strategic enrollment management: A college-wide task force that works on improving all aspects of the student enrollment process through marketing, outreach, retention efforts, course scheduling, and streamlined admissions processes.
  • Master academic plan: A plan implemented as a result RCTC’s new strategic plan that will allow RCTC faculty and administrators to develop new academic programs and revise existing academic programs so that RCTC students will continue to be well-prepared for college transfer and for their work careers.
  • Student learning outcomes: A strategy designed to close the assessment gap so that student learning outcomes data can be used to continuously improve courses and academic programs.

Systems Portfolio (years 3 and 7)

RCTC’s systems portfolio is a comprehensive overview of programs and services. In addition, the systems portfolio explains process improvements and shows the results of those process improvements. HLC then responds to the systems portfolio by having a system’s appraisal team read the systems portfolio and specify RCTC’s strengths and opportunities.

Comprehensive Quality Review (years 4 and 8)

An AQIP comprehensive quality review team comes to campus in order to talk about RCTC’s systems portfolio, action projects, and strategy forum initiatives. In addition, the team goes over any results or concerns mentioned by the systems appraisal team.

Reaffirmation of Accreditation (year 8)

As a result of the comprehensive quality review and supporting documentation (systems portfolios, action projects, federal compliance documentation), the comprehensive quality review team issues a final report that provides the foundation for reaffirming accreditation. RCTC is accredited through April 2017.

Recent News

Updates on RCTC’s accreditation work will be posted regularly on the Accreditation Updates section of this web site.


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The Higher Learning Commission
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Web site: https://www.hlcommission.org

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