RCTC Launches Strategic Planning

ROCHESTER, MINN., MARCH 31, 2015  Rochester Community and Technical is launching a strategic planning process that will result in the College’s new strategic plan.  Developing a new strategic plan is important for several reasons.  First, and foremost, a new strategic plan will provide direction for the future and serves as a public declaration of our priorities in providing a quality educational experience to our students.  It will also serve as a declaration of the principles we stand on and a reaffirmation of our vision and mission that guides our institution.  Finally, the plan will be our statement of accountability, and we will expect our students and the community to measure our progress in achieving our goals and objectives. 

RCTC has retained MGT of America, Inc. (MGT), a national consulting and research firm, to assist with the overall strategic planning process and to work in partnership with the RCTC Strategic Planning Task Force. Representatives from MGT have met with the Strategic Planning Task Force, conducted several one-on-one meetings and presented at the RCTC All Program Advisory Committee session. In addition MGT will be conducting online surveys and open forums with students, staff, faculty, and community members. 

The planning timeline includes a draft plan by mid-May, and a final plan by the end of June.  The strategic planning effort will be completed in the open for all the public to review.  For further information on RCTC’s Strategic Planning, contact the Strategic Planning Task Force Chair, or 507-536-5350.


  • 1. Provide learner-centered educational pathways and support to meet the diverse needs of students and the global community.

    1.1: Implement policies and procedures that promote responsive academic programs and excellence in teaching, support services, and instructional delivery.

    1.2: Advance educational, business, and community partnerships that provide opportunities for students to reach their educational and career goals.

    1.3: Strengthen partnerships with secondary education and transfer institutions.

    1.4: Meets and exceeds accreditation requirements, standards, and guidelines.

  • 2. Offer training and educational opportunities to meet the region’s evolving workforce needs.

    2.1: Strengthen and expand working relationships with employers to benefit our students and the region.

    2.2: Continuously improve programs and services through data-driven, systematic planning, assessment, and review.

    2.3: Strive for greater student and employee diversity.

  • 3. Foster an environment of trust, communication, collaboration, and continuous learning to maximize organizational excellence.

    3.1: Foster a healthy, productive environment that encourages professional development and innovation.

    3.2: Provide human, financial, physical, and technological resources for achieving operational excellence.

    3.3: Provide exemplary customer service to students, staff, faculty, alumni, and the greater community.

    3.4: Improve college operations by promoting greater communication, coordination, and collaboration among various units.

  • 4. Communicate the value of RCTC’s assets, programs, and services to the community.

    4.1: Enhance RCTC’s image and reputation as a world-class educational institution.

    4.2: Communicate RCTC’s mission, vision goals, and core values to community.
    4.3: Promote awareness of RCTC’s contributions and its role as a resource and valuable partner.



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