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Motorcycle Training FAQs


If you are 18 years or older and possess a valid motorcycle permit (from a Minnesota license exam station) you may be able to earn your motorcycle endorsement upon successful completion of the entire course.


This course is physically demanding and requires 100% attendance.

Participants MUST :

  1. Be at least 15-years-old (Parent/guardian signature is required for participants under 18 years of age)
  2. Possess a valid automobile instructional permit or license
  3. Be able to balance and ride a bicycle

You must bring the required protective gear including:

Eye protection
Long-sleeved shirt/jacket
Full-fingered gloves
Long pants with no tears or holes
Sturdy footwear that covers the ankles
A D.O.T. approved helmet

Parent/guardian signature is required for participants under 18 years of age.

Do I need a motorcycle permit before taking the course?

Yes. If you are over 18-years-old, you must bring your permit with you to class.

No. If you are under 18-years-old, you must take the class before you can get your permit. All students under 18 MUST have a parent/guardian signature to participate.

How is the Basic Rider class structured?

In this 16-hour course, the first 4-hours of the course are instructional in a classroom. A written test will be given at the end of this first class meeting. The remaining 12-hours of the course are riding. The riding skill test will be given on the last day of class.

Are motorcycles provided?

Yes, for basic rider students.

No, for experienced rider students. Experienced riders MUST also provide proof of valid insurance.

All students MUST also bring eye protection, long-sleeved shirt/jacket, full-fingered gloves, long pants with no tears or holes, sturdy footwear that covers the ankles, and a D.O.T. approved helmet.

What if I need to cancel my registration?

Due to the high demand of this class, refunds will ONLY be allowed if the Community Programs Office, at 507-280-3157 is notified ten (10) business days (Monday through Friday, excluding holidays) before the scheduled date.  A $25.00 cancelation fee will be deducted from your refund. 

You will receive a full refund if Rochester Community and Technical College cancels your class.

How do I obtain more information about the motorcycles provided or any other related issues?

Go to the Minnesota Motorcycle Safety Web site at www.motorcyclesafety.state.mn.us or call 507-280-3157.




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