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Testimonials from Current LIFE Members

After a stimulating journalism career, I didn't want to sit home watching soap operas and eating chocolate. Well, maybe chocolate! Along with other volunteer opportunities, LIFE became one more way to broaden my outlook. There is something for everyone in the programs and trips. And I've thoroughly enjoyed getting to know former friends better and making new connections. After classes, some of us have gravitated to coffee houses where we have shared for hours!.....Pauline Walle

1. It helps me get the most out of life.

2. The classes are fun

3."Variety is the spice of life " and there is great variety in LIFE.

4. Friends: some old friends belong and it is a chance to make new ones.

5.It is a chance to exchange ideas on a variety of subjects outside of Daily living activities.

6. Education simply is fun. You can never get enough of it.

7. I feel it enriches my life. I've spent my life essentially in one field and this is a chance to grow (even at my age)

8. It helps get connected with other parts of the community

9. Being part of the Board, maybe I can still contribute to a segment of the community. It is a bit hard to feel useful at this age.

George Malkasian

The LIFE programs provide a wide range of educational opportunities for senior citizens. For example, these include current events, the latest in environmental advances and the sciences as well as exploring a wide range of topics in history, culture and religion. The classes vary from one session to on-going weekly meetings. They are generally informal enough which then promotes stimulating discussion…..Jon Closson

LIFE Classes take seriously the fact that attendees want to be challenged by the content and the style of the presentation. We attend classes to keep on growing and living LIFE to the fullest……Duane Hoven

It’s a group where there is not a “social strata”, such as that from the workplace. It’s an opportunity to meet new people as one separates from the work force and looks for ways to pursue interests of their own with other people. The dialogue with instructors enables an active interest in the topic(s)….Carolyn Chaapel

I find the classes to be very stimulating. I have made new friends. Being a member of the Board is both an honor and the source of great stimulation….Nancy Gilliland

Broadens my awareness in many areas of life beyond just my hobbies, and does this in a very intelligent and easy to absorb manner.  LIFE classes cover a wide range of topics, but in more depth than you get in much of the public media. The high quality of LIFE’s instructors and presenters across the board is very valuable—professional educators from area colleges, authors, musicians, community leaders, etc… LIFE’s humanities based classes give a broad sense of perspective and awareness to today’s complex issues that complements the emphasis on hi-tech in our society.

Tom Brinkman

I joined LIFE shortly after I moved to Rochester (I was invited by a current LIFE member) and it has been a very positive part of my life since then. I have met a wonderful group of men and women; all are interested in learning; and a variety of classes are available.  The instructors are excellent. Special presenters are frequently invited. The classes have broadened my sense of what is going on in the world and also close to home.  (China and the Mayo Clinic are examples.)…Louise Terrill

The Life program enriches members’ lives in a lot of obvious ways.  Great selection of a variety of really interesting and diverse  topics, education in digestible amounts, knowledgeable and entertaining instructors, well organized program, wonderful social environment, and all provided at a can't be beat cost.  But perhaps the most important thing about the LIFE Program is that if is something my wife and I enjoy together….Peter Bandy

LIFE along with retirement presents that rare opportunity to choose how to enrich the mind with new avenues of curiosity and learning and how to satisfy the soul with new relationships on that journey to find worth and fulfillment in the years that remain… Schloegel

The People: Wonderful, top quality instructors who come well prepared to present and to interact with the class members. The Members: who come with an open mind and who enrich us all by sharing their experiences and perspectives. The Topics: Varied, timely with something to please most interests – also, in depth coverage. The Mental Stimulation: something we all need in our retirement years to keep us informed and engaged in life. It also gives me a broader context in which to interpret the events of our times and hopefully better informed citizens…..Mary Humke

When I first came to Rochester I was retired and looking for things I could do to meet people. I had an introduction to LIFE when Ionne invited me to come to a class. So, I feel strongly that it is either a direct invitation or a personal welcome from a member that breaks the ice. As I began to attend regularly, I found that all of the classes I signed up for were interesting; I learned or relearned things each time. The programs stay unique because of content or presenters and choice keeps it interesting. My personal favorite is to share what I am learning about with others in a direct way -- Great Books and Great Decisions. I also really enjoy the theatre classes and trips; it is wonderful to see so many shows without having to drive or plan a restaurant stop. I favor the historical classes I am not so familiar with or issues on climate or health where my ideas are tested. The point, as I see it, is to keep my mind active so I can make social conversation. A big plus with this program is the people. I have met and become acquainted with many, many interesting people in my2+ years here. It isn't easy to find a circle of friends in a city this size but I always feel included when I come into a class so I try to return the favor. Now, when I am out and about, I almost always run into someone I know or someone knows me. To sum it up: the LIFE program at RCTC is a strong one because of the variety of programs and outreach of those attending them…..Lynne Eckhart


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