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LIFE President's Welcome Letter

Welcome Back to the ‘WE’ Generation!

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I have recently been reading a lot of self-help books designed to teach peo-ple how to avoid senility. This has become quite an industry. The one thing these experts all seem to agree on is that people, as they age, should try to keep learning new things. This helps to keep the mind agile and supple. It is all based on cutting edge research. It has nothing to do with the fact that the young are tired of hearing us say the same things over and over again.

With this advice in mind, I will be signing up for many of the LIFE courses offered during the winter semester and I would advise you to do the same. Better safe than sorry. And besides, during the cold and dark of the post-holiday season, it’s great to have a warm and well-lit classroom to go to for some great lectures and good company.

This year also features some wonderful celebrations in honor of the 25th Birthday of the LIFE Program. In the fall we had ice cream (with sprinkles) while listening to an expert on aging. In October, we listened to a brave ex-plorer while having a gala dinner. In April, LIFE will have a return visit from one of our favorite speakers Doug Wood, a children’s author and musician. Our finale for our birthday year will be LIFE’s “Happy Days: A Salute to the 1950’s” with Sock Hop, Trivia, Food and our own Chad Israelson acting as DJ. Get the poodle skirts out of mothballs!

I guarantee that after attending a few LIFE courses or events, you will be able to dazzle your friends and family (especially the younger generation) with your sparkling conversation filled with new facts and ideas. After talking with us they will say “How great that he/she is talking about something new. And not that ‘funny’ story about what hap-pened to them in the eighth grade.” At least I think that’s what they’ll say.

Jane Callahan, LIFE Advisory Board Chair

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