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LIFE President's Welcome Letter

Welcome Back to the ‘WE’ Generation!

Image of Tom Gaffey, LIFE President“Wellness” is the current buzzword applied to maintaining and enhancing healthy living. It has physical, mental and emotional facets, and LIFE is a prime time player in the well-ness business. Membership enrolls you in our health club for the mind, but the focus is not limited to mental maintenance, with emphasis on learning new things and contributing to class discussions. Our members benefit from the op-portunity of many personal encounters, to exchange view-points under the constructive impetus of continuing dialog, the benison of friendship. Making new friends blends into the emotional facet of wellness. Take a look inside our LIFE Spring catalog. The course offerings are as amazing (and diverse) as the Minnesota Spring weather outside ! Come join us this trimester. Our curiosity, insight and en-gagement conduce to transforming ‘education in retirement’ into a national pastime.

Gustavus Professor Will Freiert, Ph.D. will present a com-mendatory class on March 28. “The End of Athens,” unrelat-ed to the Greek debt crisis, will provide a terse account of Homer’s Odyssey, Greek plays, and Western mythology that helps us understand reality, just as the end of Athens is its death and its border.

See You In Class !
Tom Gaffey, LIFE Board President

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