The Echo eavesdrops – October 2017

“May I quote you on that?” is a common question a journalist asks during an interview. Here are just a few of the colorful comments that we’ve heard around campus. This time, we didn’t ask your permission.

“I’m headed to a party and a funeral. I think the funeral will be more fun.” — outside a philosophy class

“At least I have memes to dull the pain of my existence.”— in the Endicott computer lab

“If cows ruled the world … do you think they’d be drinking human milk?”— near the anatomy labs.

“Ta Da! … What is it?”— looking at an art project in the College Center

“I wouldn’t be coming here if it wasn’t for these vending machines.”  — at the vending machine outside the library

“Have you seen the price of these drinks? It’s daylight robbery!” — while exiting the cafeteria

“The best part of being PSEO is all the extra free stuff.”— in line for walking tacos

“I need Jesus in my life — I should go to church. I’m not going to, but I should.” — someone laughing hard, for very long time.

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