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moneyWe are excited to have you join us at RCTC! 

As a Financial Aid student, we know you may need help making sure you follow all requirements to remain eligible for your funding. The RCTC Financial Aid Guide provides a comprehensive overview of eligibility requirements.  The chart below is intended to be a ‘quick-start’ guide with links to key policies you should be aware of.  If you have questions or need more information after reviewing these links, please contact the Financial Aid Office.  We look forward to serving you!

NOTE: While every attempt is made to keep this information current, changes to regulations and eligibility requirements may occur over the course of the year. Please check with the Financial Aid Office if you have questions on any of the information listed here.

Financial Aid ‘Quick-Start’ Information:

Your Financial Aid Award or amounts may change between now and the time funds are disbursed.  Some common reasons include:

  • changes to rules and regulations for the Financial Aid programs
  • changes in your enrollment level (number of credits) 
  • adjustments in the level of funding available for student aid at RCTC
  • cancellation of previously disbursed aid may occur if you fail to attend or participate in your courses
    (See Return to Title IV policy)
  • receipt of new information which affects your eligibility (i.e.:  scholarship or assistance from another agency, change in educational costs or enrollment level, aid being received from another college, etc.)


Bookstore Charging:  

As a Financial Aid applicant, you have the option to charge the cost of your textbooks at the RCTC Bookstore.  These charges are then added to your RCTC account to be paid when funding is disbursed.  See details.

Financial Aid Disbursement: 

The ACTUAL amount of your disbursement will be based on the number of credits you are registered for at the time of payment. Financial Aid can only be used to pay for courses that are required for your declared major. Disbursement details explaining when and how Financial Aid is disbursed at RCTC and how to use your Yellowjacket card.   

Annual and Lifetime
Financial Aid Limits:
There are limits to the amount of Financial Aid you can receive for each academic year as well as limits to the amount of funding you can receive over your lifetime. If you plan to attend Summer Session courses, or if you have been a College student for 3 or more years (total of all College attendance), you should speak with a member of the Financial Aid staff to determine how close you are to these limits. The Financial Aid Guide also has information about these limitations.
Delays in Disbursement: 

Your disbursement may be reduced, delayed, cancelled or rescinded if you are not meeting requirements for disbursement.  To avoid the most common reasons for these actions, follow these tips:

  • Register early. 
If you add courses after the 5th day of the term, you will need to request special consideration to have your Financial Aid adjusted to your new enrollment level. Only register for courses required for your major. 
  • Attend class.

You must be attending and participating in your courses to receive Financial Aid. If you do not come to class (or participate in your online courses), your instructor will record your non-attendance and Financial Aid funding will be delayed or drawn back. 

  • Do your best work.

You must be meeting RCTC's Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy.

  • Apply for your loans.
You must complete the loan acceptance process in e-services to order your loan funding. Accept your loans or check the status of your loan request.
  • Review Loan Disclosures.

The timing of student loan disbursements may be different than the schedule for your other aid.  First time borrowers and those borrowing for only one term should review their loan disclosure statement to determine when funds will be available. More information

  • Start your Work Study job.

If you accepted a Work Study award, these funds are not disbursed as a lump sum.  You will be paid biweekly, based on the number of hours you work at your Work Study job. Begin the process to find your work study job.

  • Pay past due balances.

Pay any past due balances so your current funding is not delayed. Only current year charges can be paid with your Financial Aid. 

  • Let us assist with your Aid.

You cannot be receiving Financial Aid from more than one College during the same term.  If you are enrolled at more than one College, ask the Financial Aid Office about the “Consortium Agreement” process.

  • Developmental courses

If your schedule includes a developmental course (course numbered below 1000), special rules apply. Financial Aid will pay for developmental courses until you have attempted a total of
30 credits in this area. After this point, developmental courses are no longer considered to be eligible for Financial Aid. See the Financial Aid Office if you have questions about this rule.

  • Ask us!
If your aid is delayed and you are not sure why, call, email or stop into the Financial Aid Office. We are here to help!


Remember that your registration is/will be held based on your application for Financial Aid. 
If you decide NOT to attend RCTC, YOU must take action to DROP your courses prior to the posted drop deadline(s).





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