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All Financial Aid disbursements and student payroll checks at RCTC are disbursed using a system called HigherOne.

As a student, when your payment is ready to be issued to you, the funds will be sent to a financial services agency called "HigherOne". HigherOne will then issue your Financial Aid change check and/or student payroll check using the disbursement method you designate.

You will need to visit www.YellowjacketCard.com to designate how you want your disbursement/pay sent to you. Students can choose to have funding sent by direct deposit to their own bank account (funds available in 3-4 business days), by direct deposit to a "OneAccount" (funds available the next business day) or by paper check via mail (funds available in 6-8 business days).

You will receive a GREEN ENVELOPE in your mailbox after you register for courses at RCTC. You MUST have your Yellowjacket card available when you log into the www.YellowjacketCard.com website to make your designation.

For more information, see our Frequently Asked Questions document and watch for postings on campus, on the web and in your student e-mail account!

If you have questions about HigherOne disbursement services, please contact the RCTC Cashier's Office at (507)285-7311.

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