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ATTENTION: If you did not receive a Work Study award on your Financial Aid Award Letter, and you are interested in working on or off campus, please fill out the communication form to request that your name be added to the Work Study waiting list.

Job Title Supervisor e-mail Open/Closed
Athletic Department
Athletic Office Assistant jean.musgjerd@rctc.edu Closed
Athletic Game Workers jean.musgjerd@rctc.edu Closed
Athletic Video Broadcasting jean.musgjerd@rctc.edu Closed
Men's Baseball steve.hucke@rctc.edu Closed
Basketball Computer Statistician brian.laplante@rctc.edu Closed
Equipment Manager/Lab Tech Assistant   Closed
Fitness Center Attendant steve.flint@rctc.edu Closed
Football Secretary to Office Assistant gangl.patti@rctc.edu Closed
Open Gym Supervisor   Closed
Site Coordinator        steve.flint@rctc.edu Open
Soccer Assistant soccer@rctc.edu Closed
Softball Office Secretary   Closed
Sport Scope Operator   Closed
Sports Center Office Assistant brian.laplante@rctc.edu Closed
Volleyball Team Manager amber.zitzow@rctc.edu Closed
Women's Basketball steve.hucke@rctc.edu Closed
Wrestling Office Assistant randy.rager@rctc.edu Closed
Child Care Centers
Children of Destiny No email available Closed
Civic League- UCR Campus


Civic League - SW Center-Off Campus aynsleyacldn@gmail.com Open
Good News Children's Center Barb Mathias Open
In-Home Licensed Child Care Assistant - Off Campus nblemulholland@gmail.com Open
Sues Zoo Daycare sueszoodaycare@aol.com Open
Child Development Department
Child Development Tutor stacey.york@rctc.edu Open
Child Care Aide stacey.york@rctc.edu Open
Child Development Administrative Assistant stacey.york@rctc.edu Open
Head Start Aide stacey.york@rctc.edu Open
Art/Clerical/Food Cupboard/Grounds Keeper/Library/Music/WSU
Admissions Office Assistant amanda.proper@rctc.edu Closed
Bookstore Clerk michelle.peterson@rctc.edu Closed
Business Office - Accounts Payable june.meitzner@rctc.edu Open
Cable Plant Managers Assistant joseph.schlichenmeyer@rctc.edu Open
Cashier Assistant ruth.siefert@rctc.edu Closed
Counseling Office Assistant rose.conway@rctc.edu Closed
Courier/Office Assistant rhonda.jensson@rctc.edu Closed
Disability Support Services Assistant travis.kromminga@rctc.edu Open
Duplicating Clerk holly.hart@rctc.edu Closed
Echo Graphics Manager dwight.boyum@rctc.edu Open
Educational Technology Assistant



Financial Aid Office Assistant cheryl.morgan@rctc.edu Open
Food Cupboard Assistant cody.pogalz@rctc.edu Closed
Gallery Assistant simon.huelsbeck@rctc.edu Closed
Groundskeeper Assistant roman.staloch@rctc.edu Open
Human Resources Assistant katie.rudolph@rctc.edu Closed
Learning Center Greeter (Main Area)



Learning Center Greeter (Science) sue.sundlee@rctc.edu Closed
Library Circulation Desk Assistant sandra.aaby@rctc.edu Closed
Mailroom Assistant kay.wiegert@rctc.edu Closed
Mailroom/Loading Dock Assistant kay.wiegert@rctc.edu Closed
Marketing Assistant michelle.messengerherber@rctc.edu Open
Message Taker glen.saponari@rctc.edu Closed
Multimedia Production Specialist



Office Receptionist heidi.feldman@rctc.edu Closed
Purchasing Assistant ruth.siefert@rctc.edu Closed
PSEO/Transitions Office Assistant brooke.kosok@rctc.edu Closed
PSEO General Clerical brooke.kosok@rctc.edu Closed
Rochester Public Library astehr@rochester.lib.mn.us Open
Student Life Activities Assistant scott.krook@rctc.edu Open
TRiO Office Assistant debra.schloegel@rctc.edu Closed
Welcome Center Assistant robyn.goldy@rctc.edu Closed
WSU-Rochester Student and Campus Services Student Assistant drunkle@winona.edu Open
WSU Nursing and Health Sciences - RCTC Campus cpruka@winona.edu Open
WSU Office Assistant - RCTC Campus cryno@winona.edu Closed
Faculty Assistant/Tutor
BTEC Department Assistant shirley.wilson@rctc.edu Closed
BTEC Faculty Assistant



Business Division Receptionist


Drawing Tutor simon.huelsbeck@rctc.edu Closed
French Tutor connie.larson@rctc.edu Closed
Math Coach (Tutor) don.baldus@rctc.edu Open
Music Technology Assistant kevin.dobbe@rctc.edu Closed
Nursing Faculty Assistant cloey.haug@rctc.edu Closed
Resource Management/Electronic Filing Assistant mark.schnaedter@rctc.edu Closed
Science Laboratory Assistant chao.mwatela@rctc.edu Open
Science Tutor sue.sundlee@rctc.edu Closed
Spanish Tutor lillyam.arroyave@rctc.edu Closed
Writing Coach pam.whitfield@rctc.edu Closed
Heintz Center
Allied Health Office Assistant deb.cannon@rctc.edu Open
Auto Mechanic Shop Assistant dave.macleod@rctc.edu Open
Building Utilities Mechanic Assistant

alan.lawrence@rctc.edu or


CAD Office/Faculty Assistant pam.benson@rctc.edu Open
Choices susan.valvoda-swanson@rctc.edu Closed
Office/Clinic Assistant debra.pesch@rctc.edu Closed
PMT & CAD Office/Faculty Assistant brian.bahr@rctc.edu Open
Foundation Specialist Assistant   Closed
Horticulture Lab Assitant robin.fruth-dugstad@rctc.edu Open
Law Enforcement WS Assistant ken.wickelgren@rctc.edu Open
Office Assistant abbey.hellickson@rctc.edu Open

Office Assistant/Test Reader


eric.sime@rctc.edu or


Senior Programs Office Assistant chrisanne.pieper@rctc.edu Closed
Surgical Tech Student Lab Assistant eileen.zirbel@rctc.edu Closed
Upward Bound Tutor jennifer.bjerke@rctc.edu Open
Vet Tech Lab/Office Assistant kimberly.rowley@rctc.edu Closed
Horses: Stable Assistant
Sunny Meadows Ranch Audrey Lidke Open
Woodland Acres Judy Dawley Open
IT Support
IT Programming and Development Assistant scott.sahs@rctc.edu Closed
Library Technology Center Assistant rebecca.kruetzfeldt@rctc.edu Closed
Technology Support Center Assistant rebecca.kruetzfeldt@rctc.edu Closed
Security Officer evan.mitchell@rctc.edu Open
Security Secretary andrew.hamann@rctc.edu Closed
Student Life
Student Life Activities scott.krook@rctc.edu Open


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