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Please read the following information carefully!

All students who are registered for the current term and have a Financial Aid application on file for the current term will be eligible to charge up to $800.00 ($600.00 for Summer) in textbooks at the RCTC Bookstore. Please note, however, that book charges are available only for a short time at the beginning of each semester and are available only for textbooks. Specific dates for the upcoming semester are listed below.

The cost of charged items (TEXTBOOKS ONLY) will be added to your RCTC bill and you will be expected to pay for these items along with any outstanding tuition and fees - - even if you do not qualify for Financial Aid or your Financial Aid is not enough to cover the charges.

How do I obtain a Book Charge Account?

  1. You must be registered and have a Financial Aid application on file with the Financial Aid Office to be eligible to charge your textbooks at the RCTC Bookstore.

  2. Financial Aid students will be able to charge textbooks directly from the RCTC Bookstore during the book charge dates.

    Spring Semester 2018 bookstore charging ended Friday, January 12, 2018.
    2018 Summer Session bookstore charing dates to be announced.

  3. Proceed to the Bookstore and present your student ID card to the Bookstore Staff. After confirming your enrollment and the receipt of your Financial Aid application, a charge authorization form will be generated for you.

  4. Select your textbooks and proceed to the checkout counter to charge your materials. You will need to read and sign the charge authorization form when processing your transaction.

  5. ONLINE Purchases: If you plan to purchase your textbooks online you must download and submit the Bookstore Charge Authorization Form to the RCTC Bookstore PRIOR to placing your online order. Forms should be submitted to:

    RCTC Bookstore
    851 30th Avenue SE
    Rochester, MN 55904

    Forms can be faxed to:
    (507) 536-5630

  6. When placing your order online, proceed to the checkout and select "FINANCIAL AID" as our payment method. In the Account Number field, you will enter your Student ID Number. The Bookstore staff will confirm that you have a Charge form on file prior to fulfilling your order. The cutoff for Online Purchases using a Bookstore Authorization is noon on the last date of the charging window.

  7. When the book charge window has ended, the cost of deferred items will be added to your student account. If you return or exchange textbooks and qualify for a refund, your account will be credited in the same manner*. You will be expected to pay RCTC for all charged items. If you do not qualify for Financial Aid or your Financial Aid is not sufficient to cover your entire balance due (including textbook charges) you must pay for the charged items from your own funds.

  8. No Bookstore charges will be allowed after 12:00 noon on the fifth day of the Semester. Deadlines for Summer Session charges may vary based on term dates.

* See RCTC Bookstore for the current Return Policy

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