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fist full of dollarsStudent Employment (Work Study) Awards are a form of "self-help" aid.  Under these programs, the student obtains a work study position, either on- or off-campus and then works to earn their award. Student employment funds earned do NOT have to be repaid; however, the student must work to earn the award.  If the student does not earn his/her full award amount for the academic year, the remaining award amount is forfeited. 

To apply for Work Study, complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and indicate an interest in work study funding. Funding for student employment programs at RCTC is limited, so apply early!

Wage Rate: $9.65/hour as of January 1, 2018

Pay Raises: $ .50/hour after completion of 200 hours. An employment evaluation must be completed by your Student Employment Supervisor.

Time sheets Due: Every other Wednesday, by 4:30 p.m.

Supervisor/Lead Worker eTime Log In

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Pay Dates: See Disbursement Dates.

How do I accept my Work Study Award?

You must have an award notification which lists "Federal Work Study" or "Minnesota Work Study" to obtain a position. If you have not been awarded work study, please email your name and Star ID to Cheryl Morgan to request that your name be added to the work study waiting list.

If you have been awarded Work Study funding, follow these steps to accept your award and begin your work assignment:

  1. Print the appropriate payroll forms as shown below.

New Work Study Student:



New - Packet



Returning Work Study Student: Returning - Packet
International F1 Student

Work Packet - Meet with Cheryl Morgan

Cheryl can be reached by calling (507) 280-2953 or by email at cheryl.morgan@rctc.edu.


Tutor - Packet



Optional Emergency Contact

Student Employee Personal and Emergency Information Form
Pay Calendar 2017-2018 Pay Calendar
BankMobile-Yellowjacket Card Direct Deposit Info
Certification of Enrollment Certification of Enrollment
  1. All available jobs on campus can be viewed and applied for online via the website: Student Employment @ RCTC.

  2. When you find a job(s) that interests you, contact the supervisor to inquire about the job duties. Apply for the position you choose directly with the supervisor listed. Some supervisors/lead workers will ask that you interview for the position.

  3. When you have been offered employment, you must meet with your supervisor/lead worker to determine your work schedule and complete all payroll forms. Bring two forms of identification with you, such as a Driver's License and Social Security Card, when you meet with your supervisor so the payroll forms can be completed

  4. Activate your Yellowjacket Card for work study direct deposit.

  5. Bring your completed payroll forms to the Financial Aid Office, where we will review your paperwork and give you final authorization to begin working. 

  6. DO NOT begin working until you have received final authorization from the Financial Aid Office via access to eTime through eServices under Student Employment.   Unauthorized hours worked will not be paid.

  7. For DETAILED INFORMATION about student employment, see the Student Employment Handbook.

For questions or concerns regarding your work study award or your job assignment, please contact Cheryl Morgan. Cheryl can be reached by calling (507) 280-2953 or by email at cheryl.morgan@rctc.edu.


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