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RCTC Foundation Board of Directors

An independent board of directors, representing our community, governs the RCTC Foundation. These dedicated individuals are stewards of gifts to the Foundation. Through their leadership, students' lives are impacted with our scholarship program, campus programs are supported and our community's quality of life is enhanced.

  • Foundation Board of Directors 2014-2015

Core Values of the RCTC Foundation Board of Directors

Spirit of Giving

We recognize our role to attract resources for the Rochester Community and Technical College and its students 

Enhancing and Advancing

We believe our role is to enhance and advance the capacity of Rochester Community and Technical College

Engaging the Community

As community leaders, we believe in using our sphere of influence to strengthen understanding and foster relations between the college and community 

Honesty and Integrity

We believe in high integrity as the guiding principal in conducting our business

Responsibility and Accountability

We recognize our responsibility to benefactors and stakeholders and strive for honesty and openess

Philosophy of the RCTC Foundation Board of Directors:

The Foundation exists to influence the quality of student programs at RCTC.Through active, ongoing campaigns to promote philanthropy in the community, the Foundation aims to grow a diverse amount of resources sufficient to provide affordable education for all students, add value and excellence to the programs offered at RCTC,and help insulate the institution from future economic and political forces by filling in gaps in state funding,   The Foundation believes that no student should be turned away from RCTC due to inability to pay tuition.

Last Updated: October 29, 2014

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