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Graduating Student Scholarships

Application Deadline:

The deadline to apply for scholarships for the 2016/2017 academic year has passed. The online scholarship application portal will re-open on November 30, 2016 through 4:00pm on Friday, February 10, 2017 for the 2017/2018 academic year. **Names, numbers, and amounts of scholarships are subject to change. Please direct any questions to: RCTC Foundation at 507-281-7771, FAX: 507-280-2970 Or e-mail: foundation@rctc.edu.  


Alice & Harry Tashjian Scholarship

Awarded to a female student who might have had to postpone higher education after high school and has faced challenges in maintaining a traditional education path due to war and family poverty issues. **FULL PAGE ESSAY ON "CHALLENGES YOU FACED IN MAINTAINING A TRADITIONAL EDUCATION PATH DUE TO WAR AND/OR FAMILY POVERTY" TO BE INCLUDED WITH APPLICATION.**
Art + Design Department Scholarship

This scholarship will be awarded to a returning, transferring, or graduating student who is enrolled in an Art+Design Program at RCTC and who will be continuing studies in an art-related field at a four-year institution. Qualifications: Students must have a minimum 3.0 GPA and must have completed the majority of their credits at RCTC. Application Process: All applicants must submit a digital portfolio on a clearly labeled CD (please write your name and "Art+Design Scholarship Application" in permanent "sharpie" marker on CD). The CD should contain five pages of the student's artwork in PDF format. In addition, please submit a brief (two-page maximum) typed statement about your artwork and educational or career plans once leaving RCTC. Art History Candidates: If you are an applicant from the area of Art History, you should submit a five-page research paper instead of the digital portfolio. Award Selection: Award recipients will be selected from the pool of all eligible candidates. The Art+Design Scholarship may be used toward tuition expenses, college fees, book and/or software purchase, or art supplies.
Bateman Family Scholarship

Awarded to a qualified graduating student who is planning to pursue a bachelor's degree in Social Science at a four year college or university. Preference will be given to current recipient if they have maintained their GPA and Social Science focus. The student should posses a 3.5 GPA and be enrolled full time. Student may be eligible a second year based on same criteria. A new application must be submitted to be reconsidered.
Douglass Family Scholarship

Awarded to students who have completed all requirements necessary to earn an AS or AA degree from RCTC with intent to continue studies for a BA degree. Students must have financial need and a minimum 3.3 GPA. Eligible students must have completed the majority of credits at RCTC. Recipients of the Douglas Scholarship can not have participated in a past revolt against RCTC or participate in any future revolt against RCTC. The Scholarship is renewable for a second year based on similar criteria and submitting an application during the regular online application process. All applicants must complete the Graduating Student application form. **ESSAY REQUIRED DESCRIBING CAREER AND LONG-TERM GOALS IS TO BE INCLUDED WITH APPLICATION.**
Dr. Mary Goette Memorial Scholarship

Awarded to a graduating RCTC sophomore in the liberal arts to further their education at a four-year institution. Eligible students must have completed the majority of credits at RCTC. They must have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher. They must intend to pursue studies and a career in Psychology (or a related field), Women's Studies, or Political Science.
Eric Schwanke Outdoorsman Memorial Scholarship

The recipient of the Eric Schwanke Outdoorsman Memorial Scholarship will be a returning or graduating student pursuing a law enforcement, criminal justice, intensive care paramedic, or environmental studies degree with a career goal in law enforcement, criminal justice, the department of natural resources, paramedic, emergency medical technician, firefighter or related career. The student should possess a 2.5 GPA. Preference will be given to students who have a demonstrated passion in the outdoors, wildlife, and/or habitat conservation through volunteerism, organizations, or hobbies such as hunting, fishing, and other outdoor activities. **ESSAY REQUIRED DETAILING CAREER GOALS AND THESE LIFE INTERESTS TO BE INCLUDED WITH APPLICATION**
Kreutzman-McGannon Scholarship

Awarded to a returning sophomore or graduating student transferring to a four-year college studying in the field of science, computers or mathematics. Student must be active in school activities and/or community involvement and possess a minimum 3.2 GPA **100-WORD ESSAY ON 'GOALS AFTER GRADUATION' IS REQUIRED WITH APPLICATION**
Lavine Family Scholarship

Awarded to a student majoring in Liberal Arts who participated in activities while at RCTC and plans to pursue a four year degree. Recipient must have graduated from high school no more than four years prior and have a 3.3 or better GPA.
Mayo Foundation Scholarship

Awarded to a sophomore who has completed two or more years at RCTC and is going on to complete a 4-year degree in pre-medical studies and has intention to attend medical school.
Milton W. and Charlotte Anderson Scholarship

Awarded to a student graduating from RCTC who has been accepted for entry into a Minnesota college or university and is pursuing a four-year degree majoring in the field of education. The student should possess a minimum 3.25 GPA and qualify for financial assistance from RCTC. **ESSAY ON "CAREER AND LONG-TERM GOALS" TO BE INCLUDED WITH APPLICATION.**
Neil Anderson Scholarship

Awarded to any RCTC student who is planning to pursue a four-year degree. The recipient must have a minimum 3.0 GPA from high school or at RCTC and demonstrate financial need and academic merit. Any field of study is eligible. The award is renewable at the discretion of the RCTC Foundation Scholarship Selection Committee. The student must be full-time (in an academic program)with a minimum of 6 credits that will transition to a specific Bachelor's Degree or must meet the average credits taken by students attending RCTC.



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