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Best Bee Award


Please congratulate the Assessment of Student Learning committee on being selected RCTC’s Best Bee Team for the month of March!

The members of this committee include the following:  Don Baldus,  Mike Bequette, Teresa Brown, John Buchl, Ruth Casper, Pat Costello, Deb Ellsworth, Matt Hafar, Vicky Keller, Jaime Malcore, Tom Meyer, Christine Miller, Jamie Parkin, Deb Rogne, Dave Weber, and Stacey York.

The group’s nominator provided the following:

This small but committed group of faculty and staff has met on a biweekly basis to help move the college’s assessment efforts forward.  The development of RCTC’s Core Outcomes has been a meaningful yet challenging task.

Exemplification of RCTC Values:

Innovation:  The group is always seeking new ways to encourage, support, and share valid measures of student learning.

Excellence:  More dedicated colleagues cannot be found.

Fun:  Laughter is a key component of every ASL meeting.

Learner-Centered:  The group believes in measuring not only to understand our students’ specific skill sets and knowledge base, but also so that new curriculum an instructional methods may be developed to improve student learning.  (Assessment is ALL ABOUT THE LEARNING).

Respect:  The group is quite diverse in terms of academic fields.  Although everyone may not agree on a particular topic, our discussions are always open and respectful.  Everyone is a valued member of the team. 

Teamwork:  This crew has worked together to prepare and deliver many presentations, Power of 1 events, and the Core Outcomes.  None of these tasks could have been accomplished without teamwork!

The Best Bee Team will receive a pizza party and be recognized with individual certificates.

Congratulations All!

   Sent on Behalf of the Recognition Committee



Are your colleagues or co-workers demonstrating extra effort, exemplary service, or demonstrated expertise in your department or on a committee? Are they working on a special project for their job/department/college or in the community? If so, please consider nominating them for "Best Bee of the Month."


The Employee Relations Committee (ERC) has implemented a process to recognize and reward employees for outstanding job performances. Recognitions can be awarded:

  1. Work Team Recognition. Recognition would include committee work, community service work, and department achievements and could also highlight something new the group has done or is working on. Work Teams who receive this award will be recognized through publicizing the award in the Crossings, on a "recognition" web site, possibly on our digital wall, their very own "pizza party" and gifts.
  2. Individual Recognition. This is a modified reinstatement of the "Bee Award" started by Bonnie Mercer. Recognition would include committee work, community service work, and individual achievements, extra effort, exemplary service or demonstrated expertise in their field. Individuals who receive this award will be recognized through publicizing the award in the Crossings, on the "recognition" web site, possibly on our digital wall, and gifts.
  3. Write Personal Notes. All employees are encouraged to write notes of recognition and appreciation to their colleagues and co-workers. This is a simple gesture which has a positive effect on the sender and receiver.


  • Anyone can nominate an employee or work team. The nomination remains active indefinitely.
  • The nomination form should include a narrative of why the nominee(s) merit being named Employee/Work Team {Best Bee(s)} of the Month based on criteria the nominator feels is relevant.
  • The nominee(s) may be any employee of Rochester Community and Technical College.
  • Nominations received by the 15th of the month are eligible for consideration of the following month's award.

Complete the on-line nomination form by clicking on the envelope above.

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