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Best Bee of the Month - December 2011 - Kay Wiegert

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Best Bee Award



Congratulations are in order for Kay Wiegert for being nominated and chosen for the December 2011 BEST BEE AWARD!  Kay has worked at RCTC since 1992.  Kay’s nominator shared the following:

Kay Wiegert is Administrative Assistant for RCTC’s Business and Workforce Education as well as Program Coordinator for Southeast Regional Small Business Development Center (SBDC) at RCTC.  The SBDC has subcontracted work to me for over 10 years now.  In my line of work, you meet all different types of personalities.  To me, from an outside perspective, Kay is an excellent example of an employee that goes above and beyond!  She has helped me tremendously throughout the years, not only in Rochester, but in the SBDC satellite locations of Rushford, Winona and Redwing.  She truly is my “go to person” for assistance because of her breadth of knowledge and attention to detail.  I believe she shows real dedication by her willingness to go that extra step for coworkers, students, and clients alike.  In my interactions with others at RCTC, I have found that this attitude and effort is not unique to her work with the SBDC.  She is a team player in and outside the office.  She does her work with great respect to me, my clients and her co-workers.  This is why I would most surely recognize her as one of the RCTC Best Bees!

Examples of how Kay displays RCTC’s values include the following:

Innovation:   Kay is committed to brainstorming, developing and implementing new ideas that will improve efficiency and processes.  She embraces technology, Lean office concepts and other innovative tools finding useful ways to adapt these into the workflow of BWE and SBDC to make processes more efficient for students, clients and staff.  I also recall the changing of the SBDC reporting system to Webcasts several years ago.  That was a big change for outside consultants such as myself.  Kay met this change and brought me up to speed on how to use the system.  I am very grateful for that.

Excellence:  As the most senior support staff within BWE, Kay has a great deal of knowledge and has greatly improved the learning curve for new staff.  Kay also focuses on putting the customer first, asking in meeting: how will it impact the student or client;  what will the customer’s view be; how can we make this easier and more user friendly for everyone?

Fun:  Kay is able to pull our department together for gatherings and has great stories to share that keep us all laughing.  Kay is also working to bring the Heintz Center community together in a fun manner by planning a winter gathering so the BWE/SBDC staff can better know our neighbors in the Migrant Clinic, U of M Extension and St. Mary’s University.

Learner-Centered:   Kay consistently tries to see things through the student or clients’ eyes.  She challenges the team to consider how decisions or changes in policies or procedures will impact the student or client experience and helps identifies approaches to lesson that impact.  She consistently looks for new and improved ways to provide customer service to our guests/clients who enter or call our office.

Respect:   Her role focuses on interaction with SBDC clients which is done with the utmost respect and courtesy.  She also backs up other support staff in the BWE office in taking registrations and test enrollments.  She will notice if her coworkers are assisting others and will be sure to assist the customers so they feel welcomed and that their needs will be addressed while in our office.  Despite the diverse needs of staff and customers, Kay responds to requests with a positive attitude and willingness to understand other’s perspectives.  Kay finds a way to connect with all of her coworkers to build strong relationships.

Teamwork:  Kay has a wealth of knowledge and experience that she shares with others.  She helps teammates problem solve and shares experiences from her past to help coworkers when they encounter issues. Kay’s commitment to teamwork and customer service extends beyond RCTC and SBDC.  Another reason Kay is planning the Heintz Center winter event is to improve our department’s understanding of the educational institutions around us, their mission and their client’s needs.  She felt that in doing this, we would be better equipped to assist their customers if they come to our office or if we interact with them in the hallways.

Congratulations Kay!  As Best Bee for the Month of December, Kay is being recognized with a personalized certificate and the employee of the month parking space.



Are your colleagues or co-workers demonstrating extra effort, exemplary service, or demonstrated expertise in your department or on a committee? Are they working on a special project for their job/department/college or in the community? If so, please consider nominating them for "Best Bee of the Month."


The Employee Relations Committee (ERC) has implemented a process to recognize and reward employees for outstanding job performances. Recognitions can be awarded:

  1. Work Team Recognition. Recognition would include committee work, community service work, and department achievements and could also highlight something new the group has done or is working on. Work Teams who receive this award will be recognized through publicizing the award in the Crossings, on a "recognition" web site, possibly on our digital wall, their very own "pizza party" and gifts.
  2. Individual Recognition. This is a modified reinstatement of the "Bee Award" started by Bonnie Mercer. Recognition would include committee work, community service work, and individual achievements, extra effort, exemplary service or demonstrated expertise in their field. Individuals who receive this award will be recognized through publicizing the award in the Crossings, on the "recognition" web site, possibly on our digital wall, and gifts.
  3. Write Personal Notes. All employees are encouraged to write notes of recognition and appreciation to their colleagues and co-workers. This is a simple gesture which has a positive effect on the sender and receiver.


  • Anyone can nominate an employee or work team. The nomination remains active indefinitely.
  • The nomination form should include a narrative of why the nominee(s) merit being named Employee/Work Team {Best Bee(s)} of the Month based on criteria the nominator feels is relevant.
  • The nominee(s) may be any employee of Rochester Community and Technical College.
  • Nominations received by the 15th of the month are eligible for consideration of the following month's award.

Complete the on-line nomination form by clicking on the envelope above.

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