Rochester Community and Technical College’s tradition and legacy of championship athletics presents an image of the College on a local, state, regional and national level.   Our athletic uniforms and supplementary apparel represent the Rochester Community and Technical College brand.  As such, the design of all sporting apparel shall adhere to college branding standards and guidelines.  Additionally, there shall be continuity in the use of common identifiers integrated into the design and styling of uniforms and other apparel.

Definition of a uniform:  Articles of clothing that are required to be worn by a student athlete during official college competitions.  A coach from each sport must supply the Athletic Director with a list of the items making up their “official uniforms”.  Once this list has been approved by the AD, a copy will be sent to the College Relations Office.  Any items not on this list will be subject to supplementary athletic apparel guidelines.  Coaching apparel falls under the supplementary athletic apparel guidelines as well.

  1. All athletic uniforms for the College will have a consistent identity.  Each uniform, at a minimum and as the main identifiers, must have the word “Rochester” as the primary identifier and the word “Yellowjackets” as a secondary identifier and be sized accordingly.  These two words must appear on the main area of each sports uniform but can vary in location for each sport (i.e. jersey/shirt; singlet/warm-up jacket – wrestling only).
  2. Other pieces of the uniform (i.e. pants, shorts, sweatpants bottoms, hats, helmets, etc.) can be logo/wordmark free or contain any single or combination of the RCTC logo, RCTC “R”, the word “Yellowjackets”, “Rochester” “RCTC” or the whole name of Rochester Community and Technical College or official versions of the Yellowjacket Sting mascot logos.  When the Yellowjacket Sting mascot logo is used, it must be the official RCTC Sting mascot.  No substitutions/alternate clip art, renderings, etc. may be used.  Combination use of the above must be approved by the College Relations Office.
  3. Preference is for all uniforms to be navy, gold or a combination of our two official College colors (Closest Match to Pantone 295 Navy and Pantone 116 Gold) and be a balanced representation of those colors.  (i.e. should not be navy uniform with white numbers/letters and no representation of gold).  The uniforms may use white as an accent color (i.e. stripes, piping, etc.).  A white uniform option is allowed but there must be an equal and adequate representation of RCTC’s navy and gold colors included on the uniform in the screening/embroidery of the words Rochester and Yellowjackets.  Please consult with the College Relations Office for additional clarification if needed.  Due to specific sport requirements, baseball is allowed to have traditional baseball colors of white or gray for their pants.  Wrestling is allowed to have gray sweats since it has been determined that these are part of their official uniform.  Any under gear (i.e. long sleeve shirts, compression shorts and shirts) must be either navy, gold, black or white (as determined by your coach) if visible when worn with a uniform. 
  4. In an effort to provide some font consistency for athletic uniforms, the font “Athletic” (or something comparable) has been chosen to be used on official college uniforms.  Vendors should match or try to come as close as possible to this font.  A complementary script font has also been chosen “LHF Signkit” that can be used (see College Relations for this option as font restrictions apply). This font is available from the College Relations Office  This font is available from the College Relations Office.  Style treatments such as outlines, etc. can be applied to both these fonts.  (Samples will be posted soon.)
  5. All supplementary athletic apparel (non-uniform pieces which may include practice shirts, jackets, stocking caps, sweats, etc.) must contain the full name of the College – Rochester Community and Technical College. If the imprint area is too small (see sizing guidelines), or expense is a consideration with embroidery, etc. the acronym of “RCTC” can be used.
  6. Supplementary athletic apparel colors should be navy, gold, white, khaki or gray or combinations of these colors.  If a color other than navy or gold is used a balanced representation of our school colors must be represented if multiple color options are used. 
  7. All official uniforms and supplementary athletic apparel artwork (layout, font use, proportions, etc.) must be approved by the College Relations Office prior to printing.
  8. Exceptions to some of the branding standards may be made for special event wear (i.e. gear for fund-raiser games such as using the color pink for breast cancer).  These exceptions will be made on a case by case basis and must be approved by both the Athletic Director and the College Relations Office. 


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