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Web Standards Checklist

The goal of web content management is to keep the RCTC website current, relevant, interactive, and free of errors. Please make sure the following items are included on your website pages. Your support and assistance with this effort is greatly appreciated!

Website Content

  1. All website content should be updated or checked at minimum prior to the start of each semester (fall, spring, and summer).
  2. The goal is to keep all information timely and relevant. Pages will be time-stamped as to when they were last updated.

Page Layout

  1. Pages should be neat and uncluttered, using single lists of information rather than tabled columns.
    All RCTC web pages use a standard template, and the use of all font types will be limited to the fonts contained within the current standard template. Content providers will not have control over font types or colors.
  2. If you are creating content that includes the use of colors (charts, tables, etc), use RCTC-approved HEX (web) colors: Primary - 003366, 6699CC, 336699, CC6700, 663300, FFCC00; Secondary - FFFF99, FFCC66, CC9900, 996600, CCCCCC, 999999, 990000, FF9900, 0066CC. You can view color samples here.


  1. Pictures should be photo-realistic (photos taken by a campus photographer or other photography).
  2. Clip art is definitely not recommended and will be deleted from main web pages. However, logos (such as NJCAA) are allowed.
  3. Animated gifs are discouraged and if used must be pre-approved by College Relations and Marketing.
  4. Do not use copyrighted graphics without documented permission from the owner (this includes RCTC images used on the main website).
  5. Photos of individuals must not be included without written permission (on file with College Relations and Marketing). Photos of individuals under the age of 18 must not be used on web pages without written parental release (on file with College Relations and Marketing).
  6. If you have any other photo-related questions or requests, contact the College Relations and Marketing office.

Spell check

  1. Misspellings send a message regarding the quality and reputation of an organization and can impact search-ability through search engines. If you misspell a word that a potential visitor is searching for, not only is your website less likely to show up as a result, but you risk damaging the trustworthiness of the website. Keep in mind that sometimes spell check software is not enough – make sure to double-check spelling and do a read-through.


  1. All website links, both internal and external, should be verified to ensure they are functioning. Dead or broken links speak to the quality of content on the RCTC website. To maintain in good standing with visitors and search engines, it is important to keep broken links off the website on a continual basis.

Music and Video

  1. Do not use copyrighted music and/or videos without purchasing required licensing. Contact College Relations and Marketing with questions prior to publishing. This applies to embedded Facebook feeds within a web page.

Key Request

  1. If you lose your connection to the Contribute software or are a new user, you will need a key. Contact Darin Hoffman, webmaster, to request a Contribute key.

Download this checklist in PDF format.


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