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Branding Request for Proposal

Request for Proposal (RFP) for branding, positioning and marketing assessment, strategy development and creative services.



1.  The date on page 13 of the RFP says Friday, November 30th

A: The submission deadline is MONDAY, November 30th

2.  Your RFP references the importance of alignment with your strategic priorities and goals. Are these available for us to review or would they be made available after the award of the contract?

A: We actually are in the process of releasing our new strategic plan.  Our SP centers around 4 main statements:

  • Provide learner-centered education pathways and support to meet the diverse needs of the global economy.
  • Offer training and educational opportunities to meet the region’s evolving workforce needs
  • Foster and environment of trust, communication, collaboration, and continuous learning to maximize organizational excellence
  • Communication the value of RCTCs assets, programs and services to the community.

3.  While we understand that “research” is one of the project deliverables, has any research or studies been conducted within that last 3 to 4 year that could be reviewed?

A: The most recent comprehensive study we have is a knowledge and awareness document from 2012.  We also just conducted an internal student marketing survey outlining media (social and

traditional) usage

4. Is there internal RCTC staff available to help with implementation (ie, team that can take templates and implement)?

A: We are hoping that we will be given a “toolkit” that we can then take and use for different platforms—we can take templates you make or take elements and make our own based on the comprehensive style manual that will be produced.

5. We noticed the website is not identified in the deliverables.  How will implementation of the new brand be handled for digital environments?

You are correct about web.  A web redesign is a large project that is outside the scope of this phase of rebranding.  Until we are ready to move onto Phase II, we will implement new style/branding on the website and take any recommendations that may come up regarding navigation, graphic style and the like.

6. Has a budget been identified not only for the brand development and identity work but also for use on implementation and are they separate budgets?

A: There is one budget for the project.  Much of the implementation will be done in-house.  The areas of focus we are looking for are the brand analysis, graphic design guidance, photography and other items listed in the document.  We are not looking for you to hire out the making of exterior signage or name plates.

7.  On page 8 you reference “if budget allows”. Is there a budget for this RFP?

A: We are cognizant of what a project of this scope entails and we understand that the bids will be competitive but appropriate to what we are requesting

8: What are the current marketing vehicles being used by RCTC?

    • Electronic Media: TV (broadcast and cable), Radio
    • Outdoor: Bus/Billboard
    • Digital/Social: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pandora, AdNetworks
    • Occasional sponsorships (logo placement)
    • Direct Mail (usually done with recruitment/admissions)
    • College Fairs (where allowed)




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