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    Hi! I am Deb, RCTC's Virtual Advisor! I am here to help online students with their academic advising needs. I can help you choose classes, make an academic plan, and access student services. I can also advocate for you. Feel free to contact me via e-mail, phone, or Skype (Deb.Vang)!

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    About Deb Vang

    Deb Vang graduated from RCTC 1994 with an Associate of Science Degree. She completed both her Bachelor's in Science (Theatre Arts) and her Master of Science (Counseling and College Student Personnel) at Minnesota State University, Mankato. Deb has been advising and advocating for students in the Minnesota State College and University system since 2000.

    Identify the Advisor for my Major

    Deb advises students in all of the entirely online programs except Business and Art + Design. Online classes are available for many of our majors. To learn more about a specific major, you may want to contact the advisor assigned to your area of interest. See the complete list of Advisors.

    Advising Services

    Academic Planning

    Goal Setting

    Scheduling Assistance

    Prospective Student Assistance and Information

    Sharing Information and Data About RCTC Online Programs

    Connecting Students to Resources and Help

    Consulting and Advocating for Students on Academic or Financial Aid Appeals

    Completing Forms or On-campus Processes on Behalf of Entirely-online Students (Credit by Exam, Independent Study)

    Explaining and Assisting with Complex Processes, Policies and Procedures

    Explaining DAR Audit Results

    Running DAR Audits for Potential Major Changes

    Notifying Advisees of Important Dates and Deadlines

    Other Assistance as Needed











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