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(MnSCU Policy 3.17)

(RCTC Policy 3.17.3)

Part 1. Grades and Other Transcript Symbols: The following grades and transcript symbols are used to indicate student performance in credit courses:

01 A: Superior Achievement 4 Grade Points
  B: Above Average Achievement 3 Grade Points
  C: Average Achievement 2 Grade Points
  D: Below Average Achievement 1 Grade Point
  F: Fail: Inadequate Achievement 0 Grade Point
  FN: Failure for Non-attendance, Inadequate Achievement 0 Grade Point
  FW: Failure to Withdraw, Inadequate Achievement 0 Grade Point
02 P: Pass: D - Level Achievement or Better  
  F: Fail: Inadequate Achievement  
  FN: Failure for Non-attendance, Inadequate Achievement 0 Grade Point
  FW: Failure to Withdraw, Inadequate Achievement 0 Grade Point
03 Audit Indicates a course that the student has attended without any obligations to prepare assignments, take examinations, or complete other assessment.  
04 P Pass: D - Level Achievement or Better:  
  NC: No Credit: Circumstances result in inadequate achievement. Not used to compute GPA (Courses numbered below 1000 or courses approved by Administration upon the recommendation of departments)  
05 Test Out    

For 01, 02 and 04, the following are also options:

I: Incomplete- Indicates a student was doing satisfactory, completed a significant amount of the course work, but was unable to complete all requirements by the end of the course; and the student and teacher enter into a formal agreement for the completion of the remaining requirements.

W: Withdrawal - Indicates the last day a student may officially terminate enrollment in a full semester course (80% of the days in an academic semester have elapsed.) For courses not on a standard academic semester schedule, the final withdrawal date will be the date on which 80% of the instructional days for the course have elapsed.

Z:   No grade or symbol has been submitted.


Part 2. Procedures:

Subpart 1. The Grade Point Average (GPA) for a student will be computed using only grades A through F.

Subpart 2. Combinations:  In courses so approved through Curriculum Council, students may choose the A-F or P/NC option. The P/NC option may include both courses numbered below 1000 and other courses upon the recommendation of departments and approved by Curriculum Council. The P/NC option must be declared by the student within the first ten days of the academic term.

Subpart 3. The Z will appear on the transcript if no grade or symbol has been submitted as of the date of printing the grade reports.

Subpart 4. Incompletes must be initiated by the student and will be approved at the discretion of the instructor and appropriate academic dean. The “Request for an Incomplete Grade” form is available in the Office of the Executive Vice President, Academic Affairs and in the RCTC E-Forms. Excluding extenuating circumstances, requests must be completed before the official deadline to withdraw from the course. The instructor must specify the time frame in which the work must be completed, but in no case may it be later than the end of the following semester (excludes summer) at which time an Incomplete grade will automatically change to an “F” if the work has not been completed by the student and/or the grade has not been submitted by the instructor. Extensions of this time may be approved for extenuating circumstances by the Executive Vice President, Academic Affairs.

Subpart 5.  Visitor or Auditor status must be declared by the student within the first 10 days of the academic term.

Subpart 6. The “W” (withdrawal) will normally be student initiated. This action (with the exception of suspension or expulsion) should take place not later than the deadline for student-initiated withdrawal and the student should be notified of the action.  However, under extenuating circumstances approved by the Executive Vice President, Academic Affairs, the college may grant a student a “W”.

Part 3. Academic Probation, Suspension, and Expulsion: The College shall establish regulations specifying (1) the reasons for academic probation, suspension, or expulsion; (2) the procedures to be followed in suspending or expelling a student, and (3) the procedures the student may use to appeal the probation, suspension, or expulsion.

Date of Implementation: Fall of 2013
Date of Adoption: 6/9/97
Revisions Adopted: 1/13/03; 3/25/2008; 9/10/13; 11/30/16

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