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(RCTC Policy 3.15.3)

Part 1. Definition:
Rochester Community and Technical College’s policy for the evaluation of credit for prior learning (CPL) enables students to enrich or accelerate their programs of study. CPL credit is awarded for the achievement of an advanced level of knowledge and/or skill outside of college coursework. Each department shall determine the course criteria which, if satisfied, will result in the awarding of CPL credit. Assessment methods may involve interviews, skill evaluations, or portfolios.

Part 2. Guidelines:

  • Students must document their experience fulfilling course competencies in order to earn CPL credits for a course. The experience must have occurred outside of college coursework.
  • CPL credits are not resident credits and may not be used to satisfy resident credit requirements for graduation.  There is no limit to the number of credits that may be earned through CPL as long as the total number earned does not exceed the academic program credit limit.
  • CPL credits must be applicable to a program, degree or curriculum at Rochester Community and Technical College.
  • As non-residency credits, CPL credits shall not be used in calculating student GPAs. Grading methods for CPL credit shall be consistent with current approved grading methods for the course
  • CPL credits are not eligible for financial aid or veteran’s education assistance.
  • CPL credits will not count toward the enrollment of a specific term. These credits will not be counted in determining part-time or full-time status.

Part 3. Standards.

Participating faculty, program leaders and division chairs will use the following standards established by the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (2013, CAEL web site) for assessing CPL credits:

  • CPL credits should be awarded only for learning, and not for experience.
  • CPL credits should be awarded only for college-level learning.
  • CPL credits should be awarded only for learning that has a balance, appropriate to the subject, between theory and practical application.
  • CPL credit decisions must be made by appropriate faculty members, program leaders, and division chairs.
  • CPL credits should be appropriate to the academic context in which it is accepted.
  • CPL credits and their transcript entries should be monitored to avoid giving credit twice for the same learning.
  • Fees charged for CPL should be based on the services performed in the process and not determined by the amount of credit awarded.

Date of Implementation: Immediate

Date of Adoption: 9/10/2013




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