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(RCTC Policy


Section 1: Purpose:
There is a need on the RCTC campus to have a measure of control over organizations and individuals that wish to promote or sell products, services, and ideas to students and staff. There is also a need to allow students the opportunity to have unlimited access to helpful products, services, and ideas.

Section 2: Definitions:
• Solicitation is any verbal or written effort to raise funds through the sale of merchandise, services, or through charitable donations as well as to influence or gain support for an issue or cause.
• A vendor is any person that provides information, goods, or services to the student body.
• RCTC/WSU-RC students, faculty and staff are not vendors unless they are acting on behalf of an organization or individual outside of the college.

Section 3: Responsibilities:
Subpart A: The decision to allow vendors will be based on all of the following criteria:
• Presentation does not promote illegal, fraudulent, deceptive or misleading products or activities, which may endanger student’s health, safety, and physical well-being.
• The vendor’s presentation has a direct benefit to the student body, i.e., other colleges and universities for transfer, potential career employers, social agencies, or products services which may be deemed beneficial to the student body.
• The vendor’s presentation does not violate existing college contracts.
• The vendor is sponsored by a campus club advisor, faculty or staff member. The Student Life Coordinator shall be responsible for letting the vendor know that they must be sponsored and informing the vendor of who to contact.

Subpart B: Responsibilities of vendors on campus will include, but not limited, to:
• Sponsorship by a club advisor, Unlimited full-time or seasonal faculty or staff member.
• Reservations confirmed at least two weeks prior to being on campus.
• Vendors will solicit participants only at their table.
• Posting of literature is confined to the table or assigned space and to “general” bulletin boards.
• Vendor will solicit only on scheduled date and time.
• Paying a fee if the request requires college supplies/assets, or special setup.
• Vendor is responsible for being familiar with College policies and procedures directly related to the use of facilities and the prohibited unlawful use, possession, distribution, manufacturing or sale of any alcoholic beverage, controlled substance or illegal drugs on the RCTC campus.

Subpart C: Responsibilities of the sponsor:
The sponsoring club advisor, faculty or staff member will:
• Ensure the vendor does not promote illegal, fraudulent, deceptive or misleading products or activities, or products which may endanger students’ health, safety and physical well being.
• Ensure that the vendor’s presentation has a benefit to students and staff.

Section 4: Procedures:
• The vendor will contact the Student Life Coordinator.
• The vendor will be referred to possible sponsors.
• Sponsor and vendor will complete vendor agreement and return it to the Student Life Coordinator.
• If the vendor agreement is approved, the sponsor will contact the facilities scheduler.
• The facilities scheduler will reserve the space and accommodate setup. The facilities scheduler may assess a setup fee, if approved by the Student Life Coordinator.

Any vendor that does not follow these guidelines will not be allowed the chance to solicit on campus again.

Date of Implementation: Immediate
Date of Adoption: 5/11/05
Date of Revision: 4/25/06



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