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(RCTC Policy 7.7)

MnSCU Board Policy 7.7 and MnSCU Procedure 7.7.1 will be in effect with the following additions.

Part 5. Definitions: Rochester Community and Technical College and its Foundation may apply for, receive, and accept funding from alternative sources consistent with our mission. General criteria and procedures are established to coordinate and monitor the solicitation of grants and gifts of cash, securities, or other goods or services, including actual gifts, pledges, and planned gifts, to support College programs, scholarships, student activities, endowments and capital expansion.

Part 6. Solicitation: Fund-raising campaigns are defined as organized efforts to solicit gifts and grants for any college purpose. The RCTC Policy on fund-raising and authority to approve and conduct fund-raising campaigns applies to all forms of fund-raising, whether conducted by the College, RCTC Foundation, support groups, or individuals or organizations outside the College. All fund-raising activities must conform with established RCTC programs and policies and a record of all solicitation must be maintained and reported in accordance with established procedures.

Part 7. Gifts-in-Kind: Gifts-in-Kind refers to donations of objects, services, materials, and resources other than cash. Any RCTC employee, student, alumnus/alumni, parent group, or other person accepting a gift-in-kind on behalf of the College must complete a Gifts Acceptance form.

Part 8. Request Support from the Public: Any club/organization and/or person engaging in sales, raffles, drawings, lotteries, etc. for the purpose of Rochester Community and Technical College or its Foundation, must submit an Application to Request Support from the Public form. Coordination will ensure continuity of our development efforts and prevent duplication of requests and negative feelings and results from community supporters and donors.

Part 9. Grant Writing: Any person requesting grant funding from any federal, state or local government agency, or to any private corporation or foundation on behalf of the College must first submit a Grant Writing Approval form.

Part 10. Procedures: Any RCTC employee, student, alumnus/alumni, parent group, volunteer or other person, persons or group wishing to undertake fund-raising, solicitation of contributions, grant submissions, or acceptance of gifts-in-kind in the name of the College shall adhere to the procedures listed below. All monies raised through any fund-raising, grant or sponsorship activities must be placed in an appropriate Custody Account established through the RCTC Business Office or RCTC Foundation Office. Appropriate forms are available in the President’s Office, Vice-President of Academic Affairs Office, Chief Student Affairs Office or the RCTC Foundation Office. The completed forms must be on file in the RCTC Foundation Office, with the required signatures, at least two weeks before any fund-raising activity can begin or grant application can be submitted.

IRS reporting requirements are mandatory on gifts with a value of $250 or more. The RCTC Foundation Office must be notified of any gifts or contributions received with a cash or in-kind value over $250.

MnSCU Policy 7.7 requires the College to maintain a list of gifts and grants with a value in excess of $5,000. To comply with this requirement, MnSCU Procedure 7.7.1 Gifts and Grants Acceptance Reporting Form must be completed and submitted to the RCTC Foundation Office for recording purposes.

Subpart A: Athletics
Prior to engaging in any fund-raising activity, individuals representing athletic teams must submit to the Chief Student Affairs Officer an Application to Request Public Support form, with the approval signature of the Athletic Director. Approved fund-raising activities may include signage sales, tournaments, summer camps, sponsorship for home games, initiating booster clubs or other activities.

Subpart B: Student Clubs
Prior to engaging in any fund-raising activity, individuals representing student clubs or organizations must submit to the Chief Student Affairs Officer an Application to Request Public Support form, with the approval signatures of the club president or officer and faculty advisor.

Subpart C: Grants
Prior to the submission of any grant application, individuals must submit to the Vice President of Academic Affairs a Grant Writing Approval Form, with the approval signatures of the department chair/division coordinator, and respective Dean.

Subpart D: Gifts-In-Kind
Prior to acceptance of any gifts-in-kind, a determination of the viability and good working order of any item must be established. The acceptance of such gifts offered to the College or the RCTC Foundation must be determined by the department head with approval sought from either the Departmental Dean or the Vice-President of Academic Affairs or Chief Student Affairs Officer. Gift Acceptance Form, in triplicate, must be completed, with one copy being provided to the donor, one copy to the department in which the contributions will be used and one copy filed with the RCTC Foundation Office. Values placed on all donated items are the responsibility of the donor, unless an independent appraiser is warranted. This is usually necessary for the acceptance of works of art, antiques or gifts of historical value, land and buildings. In cases where gifts-in-kind are commonplace to a certain program, prior arrangements and latitude may be established with Dean approval.

Date of Implementation: Spring Semester, 2001
Date of Adoption: 11/28/00


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