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for Employees Covered by the
Commissioner’s Plan, Minnesota Association of Professional Employees,
Middle Management Association, and Managerial Plans
(RCTC Procedure )

RCTC officially requests nominations for monetary achievement awards from supervisors of employees and/or teams covered by the eligible bargaining agreements and personnel plans.

Supervisors may submit written nominations for those employees whom they believe should receive an achievement award.  If individuals observe outstanding performance in an employee who is not their direct report, they may recommend a nomination to the employee’s supervisor.

In order to recognize achievement close to the time of high performance, nominations may be made by February 15, March 29 and May 31 of 2013.  It is required that all employees being nominated have a favorable performance evaluation on file that was completed within the past 12 months.

The Chief Human Resources officer will provide each Cabinet member a list of eligible employees and the amount eligible for distribution in keeping within the parameters of each bargaining agreement/plan.  Based upon the availability of funds, each Cabinet member will review the nominations and determine which, if any of the employees within their division should be brought before the Leadership Cabinet for consideration of the award.

ACHIEVEMENT AWARD NOMINATION FORM - the form is to be completed and forwarded to the appropriate Cabinet member for consideration/review.



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