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(RCTC Procedure 4.4)

Part 1.   Purpose: This policy articulates the procedures that are followed by Rochester Community and Technical College (RCTC) and Winona State University - Rochester (WSU-R) when it becomes necessary to close the University Center Rochester or cancel academic or non-academic activities due to inclement weather or other emergency conditions.   The attached procedures also describe MnSCU work conditions that prevail during the time that the University Center is closed. 


      a.     CLOSING THE UNIVERSITY CENTER:  Closing the University Center means to cease all operations for both institutions (RCTC and WSU-R, other than those operations deemed essential to the protection of life and property.  Closing the University Center results in the cancellation of classes, student and staff activities and meetings.  All general offices are closed.  Only essential employees (as defined below) must report to work during their regularly scheduled shifts.

        b.     DELAYED OPENING:  Delayed opening refers to opening of all operations for both institutions at a later time, other than those operations essential to the protection of life and property.  Only essential employees (as defined below) must report to work during their regularly scheduled shifts.

        c.     CANCELLATION OF CLASSES:  Cancellation of classes (off-campus or on-campus) means to cancel one, several, or all classes, of either a single institution or both institutions, in the absence of officially closing the entire University Center.

        d.     CANCELLATION OF NON-ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES:  Cancellation of non-academic activities refers to the cancellation of an event such as athletic events, theatrical productions, concerts, or workshops.

        e.     ESSENTIAL EMPLOYEES:  Employees designated by the President for the purpose of providing essential services to the College/Campus.  The RCTC President shall identify each year those employees who must report to work during times the college is closed or there is delayed opening due to emergency procedures.  The following positions are designated as essential for such purposes:  Building Maintenance Foreman, Plant Maintenance Engineers, General Repair Workers, Electrician – Master of Record/Engineer, Building Services Supervisors, Sports Center Management Analyst Supervisor, Sports Center CSS – Intermediate, Groundskeeper Senior, Groundskeepers, and General Maintenance Workers (three each from second shift and third shift, to be appointed first through volunteers and then based upon inverse order of classification seniority among capable employees).  Essential employees are expected to report to campus during an emergency unless specifically directed by the Appointing Authority not to report or if directed by civil emergency or medical authorities not to report for health and safety reasons. 

Part 3.   Authority:

a.     The decision to close the University Center Rochester or to have a delayed opening when severe weather conditions or other emergency exists shall be a collaborative decision between the President of RCTC and the Director of WSU-R.

b.     The decision to cancel classes or other activities may occur either by individual institutions, or collaboratively with both institutions.  Individual institutional differences such as ITV classes, commuting faculty, etc. may necessitate class cancellation for a single institution.  The authority for cancellation of RCTC classes is the President, RCTC, or designee.  The authority for cancellation of WSU-R classes is the Director of WSU-R or designee. 

The decision to cancel a non-academic event or activity may be delegated to the director of that event or activity, in consultation with his/her supervisor.

c. The closure of state agencies by the Commissioner of the Department of Employee Relations does not apply to MnSCU employees.

d. The Governor of the State of Minnesota has emergency power to issue an executive order to change the work schedule or adjust the leave rules of all executive branch employees in case of natural disaster or other emergencies (M.S. Sec. 12.21).  This includes MnSCU employees.

Date of Implementation:                      3/10/99
Date of Adoption:                                 6/7/96
Revisions Adopted:                             3/10/99; 11/7/05; 11/28/06
Updated:                                              10/07; 1/08; 11/09; 12/10; 10/12; 4/14



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