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(RCTC Policy 4.10)

Part 1. Requirements:
The administrative team membership of Academic Affairs and Standards Council (AASC) will include representation of the Admissions Office and specifically, the DARS Coordinator, to the AASC. The administrative team membership for AASC will include the Chief Academic Officer (as required in the MSCF Contract), two Deans, and the DARS Coordinator. The two Dean positions of the AASC administration team will be rotated between the four Dean positions (Dean of General Education, Dean of Health Sciences, Dean of Career and Technical Education and Dean of Distance Education). Two of the four Deans will be present at every AASC meeting, but the actual Dean positions present will depend on their availability and the agenda for the meeting. (For example, if the meeting agenda included several proposals from English, Speech and Business, and few proposals from Health Science areas, the Dean of General Education will attend the meeting and represent the Dean of Health Sciences who would not be in attendance.)

Part 2. Definitions/Conditions:
The administration believes it is important to include others outside the faculty and administrative ranks in discussions related to curriculum. The MSCF contract states the “Council shall consist of two-thirds faculty members and one-third administrators and/or other staff.” The administration believes that a more inclusive stance should be taken in looking at the college curriculum and its program inventory. By including the DARS Coordinator, the AASC will have the opportunity to hear another important perspective in regards to curriculum management and its implications on students (especially those students approaching graduation). The DARS Coordinator works closely with students as they approach graduation, and therefore, the Coordinator is in a position to see how curriculum and program changes affect students.

The administration seeks a broader perspective to the AASC discussions. It is recognized that the size of the committee has been established at twelve members, and that new members cannot be added without changing the faculty/administration make-up of the Council. Therefore, administration is willing to adjust its membership to include another important perspective, without requesting a change from the faculty.

Part 3. Application of Requirements:
The Admission’s Office staff will be affected insignificantly as the DARS Coordinator will be required to review proposals with administration and to attend AASC meetings. The administration will be affected in that meeting attendance will be rotated amongst the Deans, and therefore, the Deans will be more responsible for representing different areas of the college.

Date of Implementation: March 2004
Date of Adoption: 2/10/04



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