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(MnSCU Policy 2.6)
(RCTC Policy 2.6)

Part 1. Mission Statement: The Rochester Community and Technical College Intercollegiate Athletic program serves students who desire athletic competition as a way to reach a better awareness of themselves and others by developing skills, teamwork and sportsmanship through competition. We believe:
• Participants are students first and that athletics are but one of many of the diversified offerings in the college’s student life program.
• That equal opportunities to participate be made available to men and women.
• Athletics instill a respect of self and others on and off the field of competition.
• That we must provide facilities, personnel support, equipment, and adequate funding in order to provide a competitive experience.
• That 80% of our student athletes come from Minnesota or reciprocity areas.
• The opportunity to qualify for athletic team membership be afforded to all college students.
• That we make a commitment to assist athletes in continuing their sport participation and education when requested.

Part 2. Membership: Rochester Community and Technical College shall have membership in the Minnesota College Athletic Conference (MCAC) and shall be affiliated with the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA).

Part 3. Eligibility Requirements: Eligibility requirements are established by the National Junior College Athletic Association and the Minnesota College Athletic Conference. A few of the major rules are:

Subpart A. An entering freshman enrolling in college for his/her first term must be a high school graduate or its equivalent and be enrolled as a full-time student with at least 12 credit hours during his/her season of participation.

Subpart B. An athlete may compete in only two (2) seasons of any given sport.

Subpart C. If a student transfers from a four-year college, he/she will be eligible if he/she has passed 12 credits in his/her previous semester. If a student has been out of school for 18 calendar months, this rule does not apply. In addition, to participate in their second season of competition, a student must have accumulated a minimum of 24 credits with a 2.0 G.P.A.

Subpart D. If a sport spans two (2) semesters, the student must be enrolled the semester the schedule begins.

Subpart E. A student, who has not yet participated in a sport, must pass 12 credits with a 1.75 G.P.A. or higher in the previous full-time semester to be eligible to participate, or a combined average of 12 credits for each semester they were a full time student with a 1.75 overall G.P.A.

Subpart F. In order for a student to be eligible for a second season of participation in a given sport, the student must pass 36 credits with a 2.0 G.P.A. If enrolled for only two full time semesters, the student needs 2824 credits with a 2.0 G.P.A.

Part 4. Physicals: Students are required to have a physical examination PRIOR to being issued any equipment or participation in any college athletic program, including PRACTICE! Students are responsible for acquiring a physical exam at their own expense. The RCTC Health Services provides athletic physicals by a licensed nurse practitioner during the academic year (September through mid-May) for a nominal fee. Appointments are required and must be made in advance by contacting Health Services. Physical exams are only good for one year from the date of exam and must be renewed annually. The college MUST have a copy of the physical on file in the athletic training room office before any student will be allowed to practice or participate in scrimmages/games.

Part 5. Insurance: All students who wish to participate in the college intercollegiate athletic program must carry medical insurance. A copy of the College’s Athletic Department’s Insurance Questionnaire must be on file with the Athletic Trainer prior to any student being allowed to practice or participate in scrimmages/games. The college does not provide athletic insurance.

Part 6. Injuries: The college Athletic Trainer has the authority to determine who may or may not participate and to what extent when they have been injured. Injured athletes will be required to follow the rehabilitation program set up by our athletic trainer and to attend all scheduled treatment sessions. All injuries must be immediately reported to the athletic trainer. The college cannot be held responsible for any medical treatment a student-athlete may obtain if he/she fails to report them.

Part 7. Equipment: Students participating in intercollegiate athletics will be responsible for all equipment issued to them. Holds will be placed on all records and athletic awards until all equipment has been accounted for.

Part 8. Travel.

Subpart A. Coaches and student athletes MUST travel with the team to all competitions.

Subpart B. Personal cars may only be driven with the approval of the Head Coach and the Athletic Coordinator. If such permission has been granted, then the private vehicle must follow the team vehicle(s) to and from the site of competition unless permission is granted by the Head Coach and Athletic Coordinator.

Subpart C. Student athletes MUST travel back to the college with the team unless they have had prior approval to leave with their parents or spouse from the opponent's site. All requests for students returning with parents or spouse must be submitted a minimum of one (1) day prior to departure on the appropriate Travel Release Form, and must be approved by the Head Coach and the Athletic Coordinator.

Subpart D. The college prohibits the unlawful possession, use or distribution of drugs and alcohol by students and employees on the college premises, or in conjunction with any college sponsored activity or event, whether on or off campus. There shall be no transporting or use of recreational drugs while traveling with any college athletic team by anybody in the official traveling party. The college will impose sanctions on students and employees who violate this policy.

Subpart E. Coaches and athletes represent the college, the athletic department and the college community. The college expects appropriate conduct by everyone in the official traveling party.

Subpart F. When lodging is involved, the college will take care of room charges only. Telephone, pay TV or other costs are the responsibility of the occupants of the room. Any room damages shall be the responsibility of the occupant. Violators will not be allowed to participate in any further practices or contests and a hold shall be placed on the students’ records until full restitution is received.

Part 9. Tobacco. All college buildings are tobacco free. The use of all tobacco products are prohibited by athletes in any part of the UCR Regional Sports Center, on any of our athletic fields or during any athletic event as per NJCAA and Minnesota College Athletic Conference rules and regulations.

Part 10. Release of Information. In an effort to assist students in their academic endeavors and to make sure they are receiving proper medical care, students are required to sign an Academic Release and Medical Release form.

Date of Implementation: Immediate
Date of Adoption: 4/28/2009


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