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(RCTC Policy 2.6.1)

Part 1. Procedure: A request for post-season travel funding will be submitted by the coach and athletic coordinator only when a team has met the qualifying criteria outlined below. Requests must be submitted to the Director of Student Life for approval or disapproval. Funding for approved post-season travel shall be from the Student Life Budget.

Part 2. Qualifying Criteria:
Subpart A. The following team/individual sports must qualify by meeting MCAC and/or NJCAA regional qualifying criteria at each level of competition:
1. Football - state, or bowl invitational
2. Volleyball - state, regional, national
3. Basketball, Men - state, regional, national
4. Basketball, Women - state, regional, national
5. Baseball - state, regional, national
6. Softball - state, regional, national
7. Golf, Men and Women – national
8. Wrestling – national
9. Soccer – regional, sectional, national

Subpart B. Approval to compete in non-qualifying post-season competitions must be obtained from the Director of Student Life prior to acceptance.

Part 3. General:
1. Travel shall be by the most reasonable means considering expense, safety issues, student schedules, and availability of adult drivers.
2. Expenses for post-season travel shall be provided by the same standards as during the regular season.
3. Coaches, players, and team support staff that travel to ALL meets and games during the regular season, will be included in the official party for all post-season travel.
4. The coach and athletic coordinator may choose not to participate in regional and national competition or accept a football bowl invitation.
5. Expenses for hosting post-season competition events shall be paid for out of the student life post-season travel account excluding nationals.
6. Any funds raised from hosting post-season competition events shall be deposited in the student life post-season travel account excluding nationals.
7. Any reimbursement made to the college for post-season competition shall be deposited in the student life post-season travel account.
8. If funds in the student life post-season travel account are not adequate to finance a team or individual who has qualified for competition, the director of student life shall make an appeal to the Student Senate for additional funding.
The Student Senate’s decision is final.

Date of Implementation: Summer, 2001
Date of Adoption: June 7, 1997


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