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(RCTC Procedure 1B.3.2)

Part 1. Policy: This policy will guide RCTC through the notification process when made aware that a registered sex offender is attempting to enroll, or is a current student of any educational institution that resides on the campus. 

Part 2. PurposeAs outlined in Minnesota State Statute 244.052, registered sex offenders are identified a predatory risk level with notifications parameters.  This procedure provides guidance to college officials on how the college will react when it learns that a current or prospective student is a registered sex offender.   

Part 3. ScopeThis procedure will apply to any individual who has been convicted of a crime that requires community notification by the State of Minnesota.  

Part 4. Definitions

  1. Community Notification Act – 1996

A. Guidance in regards to notifying the community about sex offenders who are being released into the community.


Level I: Information is not released beyond law enforcement, victims, witnesses, and adult members of the offender’s immediate family. Minn. Stat. 244.052, subd. 4(b)(3).


Level II: A law enforcement agency may disclose information regarding staff members of public educational institutions that primarily serve individuals likely to be victimized by the offender. Minn. Stat. 244.052, subd. 4(b)(2).


Level III: The law enforcement agency shall disclose information to staff members of public educational institutions that primarily serve individuals likely to be victimized by the offender under the same circumstances. Minn. Stat. 244.052 subd. 4(b)(3).

Part 5. ProceduresOnce a campus official has received, or believes a student/potential student has or is enrolling at RCTC, shall notify Campus Safety. Campus Safety will collect pertinent information and present findings to RCTC administration. An action plan will be created and executed under the provisions of Minnesota State Statute 244.052. Action plans will be subject to the discretion of RCTC administration.    

Date of Implementation: Immediate

Date of Adoption: 5/18/16


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