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Administrative Clinic Assistant Program Outcomes

A career as a Clinical Assistant involves direct patient and physician contact, detailed appointment scheduling, phone work, electronic medical record maintenance and tracking.
  • Students will demonstrate understanding of effective team building and customer service in a fast paced electronic work environment.
  • Demonstrate sufficient knowledge of word processing, e-mail, and computer systems to perform administrative responsibilities of a Patient Appointment Coordinator, Patient Service Representative or Clinic Assistant 
  • Demonstrate an understanding of basic medical terminology and body systems to effectively communicate with patients and health care providers

Demonstrate thorough understanding of customer service in a healthcare setting.

Job Market and Salary

The data listed below was provided to RCTC from Mayo Clinic, the average starting salary for the roles are the following:

  • Clinical Assistant - $14.64 per hour
  • Patient Appointment Coordinator - $14.64 per hour
  • Patient Services Representative - $13.89 per hour
Career opportunities for Administrative Clinic Assistants may be available in large and small clinics including Mayo Clinic Olmsted Medical Center, Chiropractic, Podiatry, Optometric and Dental clinics.



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Last Updated: November 5, 2014

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