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Program Admission

Alcohol and Drug Counseling Application for Admission Form (PDF)




Alcohol and Drug Counseling ProgramProgram Admission:

  1. Admitted to the college and indicate Alcohol and Drug Counseling as major.
  2. Completion of ENGL 1117: Reading and Writing Critically (4 credits) or equivalent.
  3. Completion of HS 1740: Pharmacology of Addiction (2 credits) with a grade of B or higher.
  4. Completion of RCTC ADC application
    1. Completion of Goal Statements Essay (1 paragraph or 8-10 complete sentences for each question)
      • Explain your reasons for wanting to enroll in the Alcohol and Drug Counseling Program?
      • Describe your educational, vocational, and /or life experiences that you consider most important in your development as a prospective ADC student?
      • Clarify your personal relationship with mood altering chemicals?
      • Identify at least one (1) short term goal and one (1) long term goal related to your interest in the ADC program?
    2. Provide at least two letters of recommendation:
      • One academic / professional recommendation
      • One personal recommendation

Application / Review Process
If you are interested in applying to the program please fill out the application form.

Applications for the Fall cohort are reviewed in the summer. Prior to admission into the ADC program you may be invited to attend an informational and orientation session where you will meet ADC faculty, discuss program details, ask questions, and participate in group exercises. Within a few weeks after the orientation meeting has concluded students will be contacted and informed of their admission status. Students can request ADC advisors and faculty review their application in November for Spring admission if special circumstances dictate. Spring admission students will also be expected to attend an orientation meeting prior to learning their admission status.

Workers in the Alcohol and Drug Counseling field must be healthier than the clients they are working with.

Last Updated: June 27, 2014

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