Students entering the Administrative Assistant / Customer Service Specialist / Software Application Program need to possess good reading and math skills and possess the desire to enhance their problem solving skills. Students must test at Reading 0900 level before enrolling or must obtain instructor permission. Students must test at an appropriate math level or successfully complete MATH 1015 before beginning courses.

Special Note: The Business Administrative Technology Department has been diligently working on employer requested course revisions and new course development, along with new program implementation for the Administrative Assistant, Customer Service and the Administrative Clinic Assistant Careers. We are excited to share some of the new courses and revised courses with all of you. See below:   

BTEC1015, Essential Computer Applications – New – 2 credits

This course covers an introduction to Windows and the Microsoft Office Applications (Word, Excel, and Access), in the use of file management, desktop functions, and the basics of document, spreadsheet, and database creation and editing.  Upon completion of this course students will demonstrate a working knowledge in the use of the computer for information processing through simulated training, assignments, and projects. Concurrent enrollment in BTEC 1020, Keyboarding is encouraged. 


BTEC2210, Shadowing Capstone Experience for the Administrative Clinic Assistant - 2 credits

This course provides students an opportunity to shadow a professional in their roles as a patient appointment coordinator, clinic assistant and a patient service representative. A lecture presentation will be given to all students participating in this course, providing the expectations of the health organization hosting this capstone shadowing experience. Note: This course requires a clear Minnesota Criminal Background Study. 


BTEC2615, Applied Customer Service Skills and Concepts – New – 2 credits

This course application of customer service strategies in the service environment to maintain and enhance business by focusing on the customer.  The student will recognize strategies to capitalize on customer service in the work organization. Attention will be given to the identification and utilization of various forms of customer service: face-to-face, telephone, and current virtual formats such as Skype, Google and Adobe Connect.  Students will recognize the importance of critical thinking at all times to achieve greater customer satisfaction.


BTEC2616, Professionalism – New – 2 credits

This course covers the basics of proper business etiquette and professionalism in the workplace and prepares students for the expectations of managers, peers, and business/industry. Students will define and demonstrate professionalism as they transition from being a student to a graduate preparing for employment. Students will develop a personal philosophy which will provide direction in establishing their career goals. Students will understand the correlation between professionalism and taking initiative, responsibility, team commitment and follow through.  The impact of online branding, and maintaining their professional image in the workplace will be addressed, as well as, keeping their knowledge and skills current in their profession.


BTEC2617, Support Role in Meeting and Event Planning – New - 1 credit

This course identifies the role as an individual responsible for business gatherings/meetings.  The student will develop a strong understanding of diversified meeting types, the alternative delivery options and technology needed for meetings. Students will participate in the planning process of a conference and complete a business or clinic project. Tips and time saving tools will be identified.


BTEC2620, Current Workplace Technology – New – 3 credits

This is a PC-based course that will prepare students to work in the 21st Century environment where mobility, flexibility, and collaboration are integral. Internet and network terminology and ethics will be topics of discussion. The students will create web pages, documents, and graphics for business use. The student will be utilizing various current technologies to increase their productivity, efficiency, and employability.       

Advisors and counselors are prepared to work with current students and new students to insure the changes to program plans will not be a barrier. 

Please feel free to contact the following advisors or the program leader., Advisor for the Administrative Clinic Assistant careers, 507-280-3534, Shirley Wilson, Program Leader, 507-285-7511 Kerry Schad, Online Advisor, 507-285-7272







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