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Program Outcomes

Upon completion of the Communications program at RCTC, students will achieve the following outcomes:

Communication Studies

  • Demonstrate communication skills appropriate for diverse settings.
  • Adapt messages to specific audiences.
  • Explain small group norms and roles.
  • Apply appropriate verbal and nonverbal strategies.
  • Utilize strategies to reduce communication apprehension.

Workplace Communication

  • Evaluate and reflect on the effectiveness of their communication choices in their personal and professional lives.
  • Recognize and employ effective interpersonal communication techniques (i.e., assertive messages, defensiveness reduction, supportive listening behaviors, escalation and de-escalation strategies).
  • Identify various types of nonverbal communication, including voice, eye contact, facial expressions, artifacts and body movement.
  • Participate effectively in teams/groups with an emphasis on listening, critical and reflective thinking and conflict management.
  • Recognize effective and ineffective strategies of other communicators.
  • Select appropriate communication choices for specific/diverse audiences (i.e., intercultural, technology/media, gender, and generations) and varying situational contexts (i.e., family, friendship, romantic relationships, education, workplace).
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