Upon completion of the Environmental Science program at RCTC, students will achieve the following outcomes:

  • Explain and properly apply the scientific method by developing valid hypotheses, designing experiments, gathering relevant data using current technology, and interpreting quantitative and qualitative date from biological, ecological, and environmental issues and experiments.
  • Prepare written and oral scientific communications that use tables and graphs to report results, that describe detailed experimental procedures, and that clearly explain conclusions.
  • Critically evaluate contributions to science reported in all forms of media, and be able to identify valid approaches to scientific problem solving and reporting.
  • Exhibit growth in academic performance and personal and professional responsibility.
  • Exhibit an ability to work independently and collaboratively to understand scientific principles and to solve scientific problems.
  • Successfully complete an environmental science internship to prepare for a career in the field.
  • Understand foundational and contemporary research and issues in environmental science, and apply this knowledge to solving problems by developing solutions.
  • Understand and apply knowledge of GIS and GPS technology for purposes of spatial analysis, as integrated tools to determine, interpret, and visualize data and to formulate decisions based upon this knowledge.
  • Recognize that biological evolution is the foundation and organizing principle of biology.
  • Understand the impact of human development on natural systems, including local and regional examples.
  • Recognize and articulate the value assumptions that underlie and affect decisions, interpretations, analyses and evaluations made by ourselves and others.


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