The American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) is the dynamic professional association that represents more than 40,000 specially educated health information management professionals who work throughout the healthcare industry. Health information management professionals serve the healthcare industry and the public by managing, analyzing, and utilizing data vital for patient care -- and making it accessible to healthcare providers when it is needed most.

Quality Healthcare through Quality Information

Test results, diagnoses, prescriptions, and treatments -- these are exactly the types of information required to effectively treat patients. Whether stored on paper or computer files, reliable health information is critical to quality healthcare. Enhancing individual patient care through timely and relevant information is one of the primary goals for the health information management profession.

Quality information is also important for administrative purposes. In fact, accurate patient billing and reimbursement to providers centers on competent health information management. Plus, by compiling and analyzing data from many patients, effective health information management can help identify ways to better utilize resources, reveal public health patterns, and lead to establishing new medical treatments.

Yet, just as health information managers make medical records available to legitimate users, they also work diligently to protect patient confidentiality. Likewise, these professionals are pivotal in developing policies to meet information management standards as mandated by the government and other regulatory and accrediting organizations.

Leading the Way with Health Information Management

Good health—whether for an individual or an entire population—depends on reliable health information. The members of AHIMA are leaders in this field, working to ensure that healthcare is based on accurate and timely information. Building on the profession's strong tradition, AHIMA members are also prepared to be a driving force in a changing healthcare industry. AHIMA works to not only strengthen the profession, but also to improve healthcare by:

  • Supporting members with practice guidance and lifelong learning opportunities
  • Guaranteeing excellence to the healthcare industry through certification and relevant resources
  • Disseminating best practices and innovations
  • Promoting education and research in the field
  • Providing public policy leadership

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