Name: Eastern white pine (Pinus strobus)

Campus location: East side of Heintz Center

White pine is one of the fastest growing pines reaching 50 to 80 feet tall in 30 to 40 years. The needles are soft, pliable and occur in bundles of five. All pines lose their needles, just not all at once like deciduous trees. Most pines have a 3 to 4 year needle cycle. The Eastern White Pine has a 2 year needle cycle which creates a pile of needles under the tree. White pines are extremely susceptible to sweeping winds, air pollutants, and salt; therefore avoid using the tree for shelter belts, city or urban areas, and roadsides. This pine is useful in large areas such as a park, golf course, or college campus. It withstands shearing creating a beautiful hedge. When grown properly it is a beautiful ornamental native pine. The needles from any pine can be chopped finely and steeped in hot water to make a "piney" tea rich in vitamins A and C. The young spring growth has the best flavor but older needles can be used.

White Pine Catalpa

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