Common Name: Eastern Redbud (Cercis canadensis)

Other name(s): Judas tree

Campus Location: Heintz Center SMART Garden

Redbuds are native to eastern United States. Used either as a single specimen or in a grouping, the redbud is especially effective in a woodland or naturalized situation. The redbud used in the SMART Garden is a Minnesota strain. Selected for hardiness by the University of Minnesota and introduced in 1992. This small ornamental tree produces small pink flowers in early spring before the tree leafs out. Brown pods appear later. It performs well in sun or part shade. Redbud has a slow to moderate growth rate in Minnesota eventually reaching a mature height of 20-30 feet. It is a low branching vase shaped tree with a spread of 20-25 feet, turning brilliant yellow in the fall. The flowers and pods are edible. Flowers are used fresh in salads and tender young pods can be sautéed for 10 minutes in butter.

Redbud blooms Redbud




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