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Main Career Categories

  • Education
  • Performance
  • Composition
  • Studio
  • Music Industry/Business
  • Design/Installation

Facts and Figures
Number of people in profession: 215,000
Average hours per week: 35
Average starting salary: $18,660
Average salary after 5 years: $36,290
Average salary after 10 to 15 years: $59,970

There are many potential careers that combine music and technology. We have organized the career possibilities into five main groups, each with multiple sub areas. Make sure to visit the list of URL's of Technology career information listed at the bottom of this page. Other related careers are also mentioned here.

Careers in Music Technology fuse creative arts and technology arts. Each of these areas require commitment to being a fine musician and one who uses technology as one of the primary creation tools.
See a Counselor or Advisor to find resources for a career in the world of music and technology. Here is a brief description of the primary music career categories:

Studio Careers
Studio careers have many potential job applications and generally cover the areas listed below.
1. Recording Studio
2. Film-Audio Production
3. TV

Each of these areas have numerous categories including:
1. Recording Engineer
2. Assistant Engineer
3. Production Coordinator
4. Producer
5. Studio Manager
6. Studio Owner/Operator
7. Digital Remastering Editor
8. Live Sound Engineer
9. Acoustic Installation Engineer
10. Sound Technician
11. Audio Engineer for Video
12. Multimedia Developer-Audio Specialist
13. Web Audio Producer
14. Studio Designer
15. Studio Technician/Maintenance
16. Recording Studio Setup Worker
17. Post Production Engineer
18. Film Audio Effects Recordist/Engineer
19. Foley Artist (Film Sound Effects)
20. Record Company Staff
21. Audio Gaming Engineer

1. Recording Artist
2. Ensemble Artist
3. Studio Musician
4. Film Score Composer
5. Business Video Audio Composer
6. Song Writer
7. Free Lance Composer
8. Gaming Video Audio Composer
9. Commercial Composer (TV-Radio)
10. Freelance Composer/Arranger
11. Conductor
12. Choir Director
13. Church Musician
14. Freelance Performer

1. K-12
2. General Music
3. Vocal Music
4. Instrumental
5. College Professor
6. Education
7. Therapy
8. Theory
9. History
10. Musicology
11. Band
12. Choir
13. Orchestra
14. Music Education
15. Performance (all instruments) Music
16. Educator-Technology emphasis
17. College Music/Technology Education
18. Multimedia Educator Audio Specialist

Music Industry
1. Manufacturer's Representative
2. Direct Sales Representative
3. Design
4. Arts Administration
5. Arts Critic
6. Music Publications
7. Music Merchant
8. Music Law
9. Copyist
10. Program MIDI Audio Designer/Engineer
11. Studio Design
12. Equipment/Software Manufacturing Designer/Engineer


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