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RCTC Courses not offered to PSEO Students

ART 1115 (Art Study Tour)
LAWS 2101 (Crime Scene Processing)
LAWS 2102 (Traffic Enforcement)

LAWE 2103 (Defensive Tactics)
LAWS 2104 (Firearms for SKILLS)
LAWS 2105 (Patrol Practicals)
REC 2223 (Outdoor Education & Recreation)
RMDS 2210 (National/International Study Tour)

If a PSEO student chooses to take any of the above courses the student is responsible for payment of all tuition costs and fees associated with the course.

This list is subject to change (additions). Please consult with the PSEO Advisor regarding any courses that carry an extra fee. Please note, MUSC 1450 and MUSC 1460 are covered by PSEO.

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