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Welcome to RCTC.

Student AffairsOur institutional value is encompassed in three simple words, "Improving Student's Lives". Our aim would be that every student who attends RCTC would be better off for doing so. Improving student lives is an integral part of the collegiate life in support of the college’s mission and vision of excellence for all students.

As a part of improving lives, The Office of Student Affairs seeks to facilitate the integration of the academic and social experience for all students. The office fosters interaction among students, faculty, administration and staff to promote a campus climate which supports student academic success and personal and professional development.

RCTC is committed to the development of our students, recognizing as learners many are faced with challenges of balancing work life, school and personal life and would welcome assistance. Given the amount of institutional support there is no reason why any students should fail.

Our array of college services are designed to ensure success for every student which includes advising, counseling, career planning, tutoring, student activities, accommodations for disability, financial aid, and health services to name a few.

Every student has an identified academic program advisor to assist with class selection and guidance in order to reach academic and personal goals. Student progress is monitored through faculty partnership to identify early those who are struggling, followed with direct contact and effective interventions which provide opportunity for student improvement.

We consistently strive to enhance the student experience and are always interested to hear from our constituents about ways to make a good experience a great one.

We wish you the best as you seek to improve your life through education at Rochester Community and Technical College.

RCTC Student Affairs Department

Last Updated: October 17, 2013

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