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Welcome to Rochester Community and Technical College,

RCTC welcomes you home. We understand who you are, where you come from, and where you want to be.

Rochester Community and Technical College invests daily in strategies to provide a rewarding education, so you can start your new career or transfer on to a university to complete your four-year degree, and be on your way to fulfilling your dreams. This is the RCTC commitment, “Improving Student’s Lives.”

Today’s workforce demands a set of skills that a large number of adults lack in order to compete in a 21st century global market. At RCTC, we continuously raise the bar to set you ahead of the competition. Employers want to see that you are capable of navigating through an interconnected, ever-changing world. The RCTC Office of Student Affairs fosters interaction among students, faculty, administration and staff to promote a campus climate which supports student academic success and personal and professional development. This is why at RCTC you will find a culture of intellectual curiosity which embraces breakthrough trends, and continuously strives for excellence.

At RCTC you will always have the counsel of someone who has been there before. Through advising, counseling, career planning, tutoring, student activities, disability services, financial aid, health services, and additional services, you will always have a helping hand, an understanding ear, and a plan to improve your life.

RCTC understands how the real world works, shares your passion, believes in your dreams, and knows how to equip you to start the career you want or transfer to a university to advance your degree and make your dreams a reality.

Opportunity awaits you. Rochester Community and Technical College will tirelessly invest in you, just as you have invested in us.

For today, and many days to comeā€¦. Welcome Home.


Dr. Alex J. Herzog
Vice President of Student Affairs and Enrollment

Last Updated: October 20, 2014

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