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To contact your Student Senate representatives you can contact the Student Senate at: 285-7207, stop by the Student Senate office located at CC403.

The Student Senate was organized in January of 1922. The Senate has the responsibility for the general supervision of student activities and acts in an advisory capacity in many cases in which closer cooperation between representatives of the student body, the faculty, and the administration is desirable.

The Student Senate consists of one representative or designee from each of the RCTC chartered clubs, three at-large student members, and one male and one female representative from the athletics program.

The Executive Committee consists of four officers: President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer.

The Student Senate has much responsibility and the authority with which to meet these responsibilities. It serves as the official voice of the student body in all challenges facing the students and the college, and has the direct responsibility for the well-being of the student body.

The Senate appoints several committees to help run the student program. The most important of these committees is the Student Life Budget Committee. This committee has the responsibility to submit a student life budget plan to the senate and the college president for approval.

The Senate also appoints the student members to the many administrative and faculty committees on which students are represented. These student members give the students an active voice in policy-making at Rochester Community and Technical College. 

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