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The Student Senate was organized in January of 1922 and is the oldest two-year student government in Minnesota. The Student Senate, and all RCTC students, are members of the Minnesota State College Student Association (MSCSA). As a member of the MSCSA, the RCTC Student Senate shares in the governance of Minnesota State College and Universities. The Student Senate is governed by a Constitution and By-Laws. Additionally, the Student Senate has an established Platform.



The Student Senate exists as an integral part of the college’s governance.  It is the official representative of the RCTC student body and represents the students’ rights and views to all RCTC stakeholders. The Student Senate also appoints students to many All-College committees, sub-committees, work groups, and task forces. This right of appointment is included in MnSCU policy, RCTC policy, and the express powers of the RCTC Student Senate Constitution and By-Laws, granting the student body an active voice in policy- and decision-making at Rochester Community and Technical College. 



In addition to serving as the official representative of all RCTC students, the Student Senate is the administrative body for the RCTC Student Life Division. The Student Senate approves all expenditures collected through the Student Life fee, and sets requirements for and governs all student organizations. The Student Senate annually proposes a Student Life budget plan to the College President for approval.

The Student Senate is an active participant in the annual College budgeting process, and consults regularly with the RCTC Cabinet regarding the College's management, state of fiscal affairs, and enrollment. This annual process concludes with the submission of a Budget Consultation Letter to the Board of Trustees and Chancellor of Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (2015 Budget Consultation Letter).

The Student Senate empowers students by providing world-class leadership development, creating a diverse learning environment, and building relationships that enhance life-long learning.



The Student Senate consists of one representative or designee from each of the RCTC chartered clubs, six at-large student members, one student representative from the Yellowjackets athletics program, and the Executive Board.

The Student Senate has two standing committees:

Student Senate Ad-hoc Committees are established and dissolved at the discretion of the Student Senate.


The Student Senate Executive Board consists of four officers:


To contact your Student Senate representatives, call 285-7207, email, or stop by the Student Senate offices located at CC401 and CC403.




2014-2016 Student President

Michael J. Wenzel


2013-2014 Student President

Cody Pogalz

Currently MSCSA Representative to the MnSCU "Charting the Future" Student Success Team


2012-2013 Student President

Elisha Odegaard


2011-2012 Student President

Andrea White


2010-2011 Student President

Jonathan Kiehne


2009-2010 Student President

Elise Diesslin


2008-2009 Student President

Peter Moehnke


2007-2008 Student President

Keith Strehlow


2006-2007 Student President

Dan Filla


2005-2006 Student President

Scott Krook

Currently RCTC Director of Student Life


2004-2005 Student President

Jacob Peterson

Currently RCTC Foundation Treasurer


2003-2004 Student President

Nate Huelskamp


2002-2003 Student President

Chad Gerken


2001-2002 Student President

Vanessa Reuter


2000-2001 Student President

Mark Edwards



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