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Travel! Fun! Serve! Make a Difference! Learn and EARN up to 5 college credits in only 10 days (plus pre-trip homework)! Financial aid may be used for tuition. Students, staff, community members, etc. are all welcome to partake in this unique learning opportunity. -Classes can be taken for audit but tuition/fees still apply. Independent Study, Internship and Continuing Education Possibilities as well. Learn and interact with the indigenous Mayan people who still preserve some of their ancient customs and beliefs. One of the objectives of the trip is to give an opportunity to come to know and appreciate a culture different from our own. It is an opportunity to work with people struggling to grow out of the process of poverty. This is more than a trip, more than a resume item - you will return a changed person!

Cost: Appx. $2,200+ RCTC Tuition/fees (due to airline regulations, we can not book tickets until we have all of our participants names, final price will be determined at the time of ticketing)

Note – payments must be made through cashier’s check, money order, credit card, debit card or cash (no personal checks are accepted)

SPAN 1001 Introduction to Hispanic Culture (3 credits) & SPAN 2111 Conversational Spanish (2 credits)

For more information, please contact Lillyam Arroyave at 507-285-7109 (W), 507-398-4975 (C) or lillyam.arroyave@rctc.edu. Seats are limited, make your deposit early!

Experience the Mayan way of life with one or more of these service learning activities:

  • schools/libraries/children's playground
  • hospitals/dental clinic/ health care
  • coffee plantations
  • construction of community buildings
  • portable water project
  • reforestation and ecology projects

Learn about:

  • human rights
  • US involvement in Central America
  • different religions and indigenous spiritual practices


  • archeological sites
  • Tikal National Park
  • colonial buildings
  • museums of art, textiles, and music
  • biggest indigenous market in Central America

About Guatemala and the San Lucas Toliman Mission: Guatemala is a culturally, spiritually, linguistically, and ecologically diverse country. From the ancient Maya and their modern descendants who comprise 55 percent of the population speaking 50-60 different dialects (Quiche, Kaqchikel, etc.) to Spanish and colonial influenced culture, Guatemala is one of the most interesting places in the world. You’ll learn about culture, practice your language skills & see these sites!

The San Lucas Mission is based out of the small town of New Ulm in Southern Minnesota and is located in San Lucas Toliman, Guatemala, on the shores of Lake Atitlán. Since 1964, Father Gregory Schaeffer has worked in this village promoting programs that empower the people of San Lucas where armed conflict and civil war has affected the indigenous population economically and socially. Here 55 percent of the population lives under conditions of extreme poverty. Father Schaeffer’s mission programs have been very successful in bettering the conditions there. During the trip, we will do so much more than sightsee - we will serve, volunteer and experience life all while being immersed in the rich Mayan culture.

Coffee Sales:

The RCTC family can help the students who will be going to Guatemala in August to better afford their trip. By purchasing the highest quality coffee and colorful hand-crafted textiles, you can also help the Guatemalan communities to meet their basic human needs.

The cost of the coffee is $10 per pound ($7.00 for the mission and $3.00 for scholarships for the trip). Crafts include such things as coin purses, scarves, place mats and napkins, etc.

lillyamIf you can share this with others, we would appreciate it!

Thank you for your support!

  • Lillyam Arroyave
  • Spanish Department
  • RCTC
  • 507.285.7109
  • 507-398-4975 (cell)
  • Lillyam.Arroyave@rctc.edu


For non-RCTC students who only want to take the study abroad course work, application/admission to RCTC will no longer be required. These folks can simply create a MnSCU account by following the steps below, and then enroll in the course(s) - which no longer have an edit attached that requires an admission status for registration.

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